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Hello all, Hijinks coming out of lurking (recently registered but I have been reading these forums for years). Today I am happy to bring you my first grow journal.

I live in the wonderful state of Colorado where cannabis is now legal for recreational purposes (woohoo!), and I have also been a registered MMJ patient for 3 years. After buying my first home I decided to build my very first grow. I live at 7,000ft in the mountains and have an extra bedroom in my basement which is now in the process of being converted into my grow room.

First a little bit about the space:

The room is located in the basement and is roughly 14x7x14, however it is not exactly square (see below).

(the closed off area is a closet)

After much planning (weeks of google research), I decided on sectioning out the room in the following way:

This left me with a 5x9 veg room, a 9x9 flower room, and two separate areas for sprouts/clones and a mother plant or two as well as room leftover to grow into or use as a work station.

My first task was to frame out the veg room. Although I own the home, I still do not want to damage the room if I can avoid it, so I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of 2x2x8's and some 2x4x10's (no one carries 2x2x10 but you can easily buy a $40 circular saw and split 2x4's in half like I did) and built myself a frame.

As you may or may not be able to see, the room I am building in used to be a fitness room so it is covered in mirrors. (call me crazy but I left them all up in case it helped block any RF interference)

After finishing the 2x2 frame for the veg room, I placed everything out that was to be hung (lights, ballasts, exhaust) and screwed all necessary holes for hooks so that going in after plastic is up was easier.

I used 4mil black plastic for the floors - I hope to upgrade to pond liner eventually

Make sure you leave a little extra slack in the floor so it doesn't tear easily - especially if using staples like I do.

After everything was in place, I took it all down so that I could put the panda film up easier. I ended up getting a roll that was 10ft high so I could wrap the walls as well as the ceiling all in one piece making it extra light proof! Putting up panda film was EASILY the most frustrating part of building this by myself. I recommend doing it with a friend.

Finally after the walls and ceiling were done I was able to remount everything into place.

From there I just tidied up the wires and hooked up the exhaust!


Here is the outside of my 5x10 (really 4'10"x9) veg room so far. Today I added a 7' "Lite Tite" zipper door entry. The only thing left to do is add the passive intake. I will easily have a 4x8 area to grow in inside.

You can see that the exhaust is currently just venting into the main room, however, I plan on venting it further to the window before using it to veg.

I am pretty damn proud of myself for building this so far. I have minimal handyman experience and thought I would run into way more speed bumps than I actually did. If you are debating building something for yourself and are holding back because of experience, just go for it! You will learn a lot along the way.

The room maintains 65-69deg temp 24 hours of the day during the hottest days of the summer, so I am looking forward to seeing how easy it is to get to 72-76.

Another great feature about the room is that is contains the breaker box for the house. Because the room itself is only on a 15 amp circuit, I called an electrician who comes at the end of the month to install a 8 new plugs, each with their own 20 amp circuit. Luckily because the breaker is in the room, it will be a relatively easy install for the electrician and I will save on the bill!

I was also able to bang out a little sprout area today in my 36"x38" odd nook area. I added some of my scrap pieces of panda film to the sides:

saved about $50 on the stand for the T5 light by just building one out of scrap 2x2's

Next a little bit about the equipment being used:
As this is my first grow I wanted to start small(ish). I also didn't want to use any 1000w bulbs because of heat issues as well as only a 7.5ft high ceiling.

I decided to get two 400watt Apollo mh lights that have an air cooled hood for the veg room. Because my veg grow area is 4x8, I positioned each light above a 4x4 area. The ballasts can run MH as well as HPS and the seller (AMAZON! great deal but we will see how good it actually is) sent both bulbs with each, so if I don't get around to building the flower room I can always just use the veg room.

Everything other than the lights I ended up picking up at a local store (Way to Grow - this place is killer!). 18" wall mount fan, 6" inline fan, and a 2 ft 2 bulb T5 system for sprouts/clones.

Because of the size of the space and my aesthetic for clean lines, I ended up hooking up my exhaust fan directly to my air cooled hoods. Now don't get me wrong - I understand that the best way to maximize the potential of the air cooled hoods is to bring in a fresh intake through them and then exhaust it, but this would mean another line of ducting going through my small room. I took the chance and decided to hook it up directly to the exhaust hoping I get enough heat reduction so I won't have to use an A/C unit. You can't see it very clearly, but here is a sketch of what I mean.

Here is how mine is currently hooked up:

Here is what I understand to be the ideal way to set it up:

I'm rolling the dice with this one - if temps get too hot I will have to abandon my straight-line method of exhaust and redo it to the ideal setup.

I plan to get four 600watt lights for the flower room (8x8 grow area, 1 light per 4x4 area), and I will definitely get Apollo again if these 400watters turn out to be good.

For soil I will be using "roots organics" and "rapid rooter" pellets, and I plan to use 1-gallon pots to start veg.

Finally! Some info about the cannabis being grown!

I decided to order feminized seeds from Single Seed Centre. I chose six "818 Headband aka Sour Kush" from Cali Connection and six "Skywalker OG Kush" from Reserve Privada. I am a fairly picky when it comes to my smoke - currently I only smoke oil/dabs, and even my oil only comes from the finest buds. It is easy to maintain this snobby smoke-style because I have an amazing dispensary hook-up that only sells the finest oils, but it is starting to really impact my wallet. Lately every time I spend $200 in the dispensary I think to myself, "that could have been $200 going to the grow". Hopefully with these 12 plants I will be able to find myself a mother for each strain and have perpetual good smoke! (that is the plan, anyway)

Headband:(Original Sour Diesel x SFV OG Kush IBL)

This is easily one of my favorite strains of all time. I have quite a high tolerance when it comes to smoking, but headband gets me every time. I am very excited to see how this bud turns out.

Skywalker OG: (Skywalker x The OG #18)

I decided to get this one because it was another OG Kush cross, and hopefully the headband and skywalker will have similar growth periods and heights.

They are beautiful aren't they?! I hope mine come out even half as nice as those pictures.

Received the seeds today (came after only 7 days). To germinate I decided to soak them in water for about 5 hours before putting them into damp paper towels inside of a zip lock. They are sitting on top of my DVR box which maintains a constant heat.

I'm so excited for one to sprout!

I will update this journal regularly. Thanks in advance for any constructive criticism. I really appreciate the feedback.
Thanks for the early interest KingJohn and Coke420.

Today I am happy to announce that TEN out of my twelve seeds have already sprouted (only 22 hours later!).

There are two skywalker seeds still not sprouted, but I decided to plant them regardless. I wanted to be able to plant them all at the same time. They will now be under an 18/6 (or maybe 20/4) schedule under my T5 (4,000 lumens)


Should I be keeping these sprouts under a humidity dome? From what I understand you only need humidity domes for clones, but I would like to get this validated from others in the community. I will be keeping a close eye on the dampness of the rapid rooters over the next few days.

Later tonight I plan to add the passive intake for the veg room. Deciding between snaking ducting around or just building a baffle box.
i use a humidity dome when i germinate seeds so the jiffy peat moss pellets do not dry out too fast. off site image hosting is not allowed , but here is everything you should need to know to post full size images in your journal.

Photo Gallery Guide: How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos
Well the humidity dome on the seeds seems to be working out - I have both top vents open for now. 77-78 deg and 60's for humidity.

I also finished the passive intake on my veg (possibly add more intakes later). For now I am just using a 6" duct which takes about 5 90 degree turns to kill light.


The headband is still outgrowing the skywalker -

Today all six of six headband have leaves. The first one that I found last night is noticeably bigger than the others - if it continues this way it will definitely become the HB mother.

Also - the first skywalker is finally showing signs of pushing through.

Hopefully the skywalker isn't too far behind the headband so I can take the dome off soon to get them closer to the light.
24 hour update -

From what I can tell, the headband are doing great! They would probably be doing a little better if I could get the humidity dome off and get the lights a couple inches closer, but the skywalker is really lagging ass! I think that I probably planted them a little deeper than the headband.

Headband 5 days from germination:

The Skywalker that was first to rise is now looking good (also 5 days in):

However, this Sky which pushed out late last night has yet to unfold its initial leaves... It looks sad to me. I hope it picks up soon.

This one also pushed out of the rapid rooter at a very unusual place. It is hard to see in the photo, but the seedling definitely isn't coming out of the hole I planted it in.
Day 6:

Headband is doing very well.

I wish the same could be said about the Skywalker, but at least there are two sprouts so far and they look healthy.

The plants started an 18/6 schedule today, and last night they received their first real watering since being planted. (I have been keeping the rapid rooters moist with a spray bottle)

I feel stupid for planting them in the tray the way that I did ... The poor plants on the outside are bending at like a 45 degree angle to reach the light. I should have planted them all in the center. Oh well, next time I will know better. I'm fairly sure it won't hurt them, but should I replant the rapid rooters closer towards the center anyways?
subbed, great size of area you got.

i had a seed that took about 10 days to show its head but the smoke was better than the rest so cant complain

anyway looks like your gonna have your hands full soon, good luck
subbed, great size of area you got.

i had a seed that took about 10 days to show its head but the smoke was better than the rest so cant complain

anyway looks like your gonna have your hands full soon, good luck

Thank you and welcome.
Day 7: Accidental supercropping ...

Well today was a stressful day for my #1 headband. I accidentally crushed it with the humidity dome when I was about to put it into darkness. It was laying completely flat and the very bottom of the stem was folded to the side, so I got a paper clip and built it a little support. The stem was not separated, so I am really crossing my fingers hoping it will recover from this. I basically just supercropped my potential mother plant at day 7. Rather than putting it into darkness, I just left it in the light to recover.

6 hours later it is looking fine:

Has anyone experienced any high-stress like this very early on in the plants life and had the plants recover okay? I'm really hoping that if anything it will be stronger.
Day 7:

Well today the plants have been on their second 18/6 period, and I decided to move the plants from the outside of the tray towards the center so they would stop leaning towards the light. While doing so, I noticed considerable root growth coming from the bottom of the Rapid Rooters.
These are the Skywalker's roots:

The headbands' roots are even larger, but I did not get a picture of it because the big root system scared me and I just wanted to get it back into some soil.

The Headband plant that received the accidental supercropping the other day is doing well, and it is now directly under the light to prevent any bending for now.

From what I saw moving the 4 plants towards the center of the tray, there are enough root systems to transplant into my 1-gallon pots soon. If all goes according to plan, I will transplant tomorrow at the beginning of their night cycle and they will be moved from the CFL to the 400w MH veg room (woot).
Day 8: Preparing for Transplant

Today was mostly a troubleshooting & test run day for the veg room. I filled 8 1-gallon pots with soil and gave them a really good watering, and I will water them again after transplant tomorrow (using 6.5~pH water). With the pots ready I set out to make sure everything in the veg room was absolutely ready.

My first road block was how my exhaust was positioned. When I lowered the lights, the exhaust from the air cooled tubes was now directly in front of my oscillating wall fan. Lowered the fan - not a big deal. Easy fix.

The next road block was a little bit trickier. Turns out that when I bought my 6" inline exhaust fan I was not thinking properly. My room is 315 cubic feet but the fan I bought has a cfm of 400. So it was clearing the room in like 45 seconds and the negative pressure was about to make my grow room implode like a black hole. Keep in mind the room is built out of 2x2's and panda plastic with staples holding it up... My floor was rising like a balloon, the walls were popping staples out and imploding, and it was giving me a really bad headache just to be in the room.

To solve this problem I called up my local grow store (Way to Grow - they are the best) and they told me about a speed control for the fan that I can hook up externally. "Fucking perfect" I thought.

So I have it set to "Low" now. Not entirely sure how many cfm I'm getting out of it, but it seems to be plenty. Not only does this device help with the cfm, but it also made my fan A LOT quieter. Full blast it was horribly loud.

My current problem, however, is that with the intake even on the lowest settings, my 6" passive intake is definitely not enough area. So I am faced with two options: I can either add an active fan to the intake, or I can add more passive holes. Well being a sucker for aesthetics I will probably go back to the grow store tomorrow and get a new 4" with ANOTHER one of those fan speed controllers so that I can dial it in just how I like it. (shit gets really expensive when you can't plan ahead for everything...) Hopefully by tomorrow I will have it dialed in so that I can host the newly transplanted ladies. The intake will also help me control temps. I left the lights on today with the exhaust running (and the door zipper open) and it stayed below 76. As soon as the door was closed, however, it raised over 76. Definitely need more intake.

On a lighter note, the girls are all doing well, even the one which was smashed by the dome a couple days ago:

Here is a sneak peak of what we have going outside in the greenhouse: (you would be really surprised what temps and humidity weed actually grows at here in Colorado!)

The seeds are unknown but my girlfriend insists this one is a Bubba Kush:

A very successful topping:

These plants were all raised in dirt that came from my yard, watered only when the thought crossed our minds, given minimal nutrients, and have been dealing with what many growers would consider adverse conditions (low humidity, huge temp swings, etc). Makes me anxious for what I will be able to grow with my current indoor setup.

Tomorrow, transplanting!
Day 9: Transplanted into veg room

Today was a pretty big day. The 6 headband and 2 skywalker all got transplanted into 1-gallon pots at the start of their night cycle. They also spent their first day under the 400w MH lights. The lights are dimmed to 50% to ease the plants into it. I will probably run 2 days 50%, 2 days 75%, and then 100% from then on.

Unfortunately one of the headband slipped out of my butter-fingers while attempting transplant and ended up falling onto itself head first .... Completely severed the stem from the root system. I am pretty bummed about it :/ I replanted it like you would a clone and have been misting the leaves regularly since. It looks good but i'm pretty sure it will die ... Chalk that up to being a first-timer I guess.

After transplanting I set up the active intake that I decided on yesterday:

It is a 165 cfm 4" inline (same model as my 400 cfm 6" just smaller) that is also connected to another speed controller. First of all, if you are struggling with a good pressure in your room, let me recommend buying one of these things (see picture from day 8). It was only $24 and you can put a variable speed on all of your fans. After installing my intake I turned it to low and then played with the control on my exhaust until I was satisfied. The room has a very slight negative pressure and you can feel the air circulating in the room without a fan.

So far the ladies seem to like their new home:

I have noticed that one of my Skywalker's leaves are starting to droop. Can anyone identify what could be causing this? (they also seem to be stretching compared to the headband but I don't know if that's because they are "skywalker" (known for growing taller) or because they are actually stretching.

On a side note - saturdays are "shatterday" at the dispensary I get my oil from. Got stocked up today.

Girl Scout Cookie:

Ghost Train Haze:

Cold Creek Kush (already half smoked):

Sour Moonshine:

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