PotPie's First Grow - Quest for Indoor Gardening Nollij

Thanks everyone for the kind words. As I mentioned yesterday I am at the end of one week of flowering with 4 females. When I tossed the two boys, I moved two from the closet over into flower. The closet plants are nine weeks old from seed.

Here's a group shot of who's left in the closet. They seem like they might all be females but they will probably all be mulched by next week. The one in the back right corner is just downright scraggly. The bigger one in the back growing over the top of it is very nice but I just don't have any more room to flower plants and I really want to keep it to a max of six. The reality is I will probably keep around 4 just because they're so big already.

Here a group shot of the ladies in flower. The one on the lower right is the oldest plant. This is from the first batch of seeds I planted and is the only one that popped. It is exactly 2 weeks older than the rest. I'm hoping this one is a little more Indica than the rest. I'm also hoping it's a girl. I'm still not positive yet. This is one of the two that went into flower two days ago.

Here's a couple of snaps of them starting to flower.


Thanks for reading.
Hi Folks, It's Week 10 since seeds first got wet. It's Week 2 for 4 of the plants in Flower and Week 1 for the other 2.

Thanks for the support L8night, Pan & HazeSeeker

I decided to go ahead and mulch the contents of the closet last week (the remaining plants in veg). I just didn't have any more room. I hated to do it but it was necessary. Hopefully this move will save electricity, water, ferts, time and work.

I now have 6 plants crammed into the cabinet.

...still looks like a jungle in there! lol Cant wait to see those buds!

agree ...
Man you have jungle over there ... did you check ...you may have some chimps in the trees !?
You guys don't know the half of it. It seems more jungle-like this week.

I am very happy that my oldest plant is starting to show female pre-flowers. She came from a different bag of seed and is definitely a different strain.:partyboy: I am hoping she is a little more indica than the rest.

The second plant I put into flower last week may be a boy. I'll know more in a day or so. I wouldn't mind yanking it just for a little more elbow room. I'm going to wait and see for another 24 hours before I make a decision.

Here's the ladies this week. I'm experimenting with different settings on the camera so the pictures are all over the place color wise. The HPS is throwing me a curve I'm not used to yet. I did color correct a couple of the shots in Photshop when I was resizing just because they looked so damn awful in that yellow/red HPS light.

As you can see, I have been doing a lot of bending and tying to increase yield and even out the canopy somewhat. It's also giving some more headroom since I think I am going to need it.


Needless to say, I see a little pruning in my future.

This is my very first bud porn. You guys have have no idea how happy I am about these flowers. Actually, you probably do.:woohoo:



This one might turn out to be a male. I'm keeping a very close eye on it. I looked at several inter-nodes and couldn't find any female pre-flowers. It will be pretty funny to me if it is a male. I say this because I used to raise goats in another lifetime. When viewed under a 30x scope, the little calyx looks just like a baby goats sac. A fuzzy little pouch. Probably more info than you wanted... hehehe.

Thanks for looking and thanks for all of the help I have gotten here.
wow, very nice. be careful of the tigers and snakes that have got to live in that jungle. great job... may have a few head hunters in there also..
Hope thats not a male. +rep if I can

Many thanks for the reps Pan. Yeah, I'm hoping it's not a male also. The worst thing is I'm pretty sure my oldest plant is male also. She (I gotta keep hopin') showed me one female pre-flower in the last couple of days but today I couldn't find those silly little pistils and she is looking more and more like a male. On the bright side, If I do have to cull 2 males in the next day or so, I will have 4 very happy (confirmed) ladies with a little more room to grow.
Well the plant I thought might be a male a few days ago, was. I culled him last night. The good news is the rest of the girls have a little more room now.

The other plant I am still unsure about. I am finding some female pisitils a few inches from the top. But the top of the plant might be starting to show some balls. Again, I don't think I'm in real danger yet so I am going to wait a day or two to find.

Thanks for the reps sonzor and L8night. They are much appreciated.
hello potpie!!!
In my growing experience The girls always seemed to show themselves first. Or maybe the male is more subtle than my experience. I mostly always grow from seed so I have spent alot of time looking at their "privates". Maybe the room is too cold for the boys to show themselves! LOL
Is all your light at the top? Your plants look so nice and bushy too. Your grow is very nice. You will be rewarded for all your hard work and care.
fin o<
Week 3 of Flower

Hey 420 Growers! The ladies have just finished their 3rd week of flowering. Sadly (very sadly, I might add) I had to dispatch my oldest plant. She was definitely a he. Or at least mostly a he. I know I saw one or two female preflowers which is the only reason I kept her for as long as I did. At the end though, she had balls everywhere. My only hope is that I got him out before he planted his demon seed everywhere. I think I did, but only time will tell. I misted him and everyone else down with RO water before I moved him just as a little added protection against stirring things up.

Anyhow, I now have 4 relatively large ladies that are appreciating the extra room. I might be able to do six plants in this cabinet at some point but I'm not going to hold my breath. Obviously, I will not let them get so far into veg next time. I will probably go to a collective and get clones for my next grow. I love the idea of cloning but there is something very rewarding about growing a big plant from a tiny seed.

In the last week the ladies have put on a little more vertical height and started to spread just a little now that they have the room to do so. I am finding buds everywhere. The cab still looks like a jungle, only a little less so. I am tickled to death about how nice these buds are. Up until a few months ago I knew next to nothing about cannabis. The first pictures of buds I ever saw were just back in December in some magazines my wife picked up at the dispensary. I remember thinking then that these were some of the prettiest flowers I had ever seen. Granted I was looking a professional macro shots, but still! My opinion hasn't changed, this is one beautiful plant.

Is all your light at the top? Your plants look so nice and bushy too.
Hey fineas! yeah, I only have the one 400W HPS at the top. I could probably use a little light down lower but I am not going to worry about it this time around.

OK, I'm done rambling here's some pix of the girls this evening.


Time to get more fly strips. Look at all the damn gnats on the yellow card at the bottom!

Welcome to the jungle. As you can see, I'm starting to have problems keping the canopy even.






Thanks for looking! As always, comments and questions are welcome.
sorry about the male, I looks like you still have some very nice ones left that will reward you enough at the end. Nice Job and good luck with the pollen. Hope none got out...
Week 4 of Flower

Hey gang, the ladies have just finished up their 4th week of flowering. They have put on some more height and some more buds. I have had to do a little more tying in order to even things out and hopefully leave myself some room for them to finish. I have been watering every 3-4 days. I am still using the botanicare nutes; Liquid Karma, Pure Blend Pro Bloom and I' started putting about half strength Pure Blend Pro Grow to give the girls a little more N. All of the girls have been dropping leaves to one extent or another since I put them in flower. At first I thought it was either heat or not enough water. Now I'm not really sure so I'm bumping the N up just a little and keeping an eye on them. Overall, I am very happy with the progress but the leaf loss does concern me a little. However, all of the leaves and fan leaves that have dropped have been on the lower parts of the plant. Maybe those areas just aren't getting enough light. IDK.

Thanks for looking in on me sonzor and pan4. Many thanks for the reps Be Irie.

I got a little crazy with the camera this week. I tried to take a full shot of each plant by itself and a then a closeup of some or all of the top. I'm pretty sure the order is screwed up since I didn't label them well enough when I uploaded. So here's this week in no particular order.






I love this picture. Unfortunately the compression isn't doing me any favors. In the raw image the leaves are just starting to sparkle with resin.



The girls getting ready for bed.

Thanks for looking and feel free to pass along any advice.:ganjamon:
Those plants look very nice. The trunks look like the could withstand a hurricane. Great job. The end is just around the corner. Nice work
Thanks sonzor and DeadTour09. I am hoping for a harvest around that mark if everything works out. I was reading Jorge Cervantes Grow Bible and somewhere he mentioned you should be getting at least .5 g per watt or there is something you could be doing better. I'm running a 400W HPS. I would be extremely happy with 250 g dry weight.
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