Tryan2grow1 For The First Time

On 6/25 a defol was performed on the overachiever. The following pic is what little buds that got trimmed that night.

To kick off the July 4th celebration the vaporizer was put to use with the above trimmings. Analysis soon to follow.
These trimmings dried for 3 days and spent a week in ye ole mason jar.
First grow, first sample
First dried budettes, very citrus aroma, cloudy trichomes, very few amber, sticky
First vape citrus taste, lemon and not too much "green" flavor of immature/not fully cured bud
Back end has piney aftertaste, smooth
Immediate head buzz, very long lasting get something done buzz, 2+ hours, yes it took me this long to put my thoughts together
To the end of the vape session it had a citrus intake and a piney aftertone.

Very much like the bag weed buds these seeds came from, the buzz at this stage is similar as in being able to get things done whilst being medicated type of buzz. The flavor however is very different. Of course much fresher and not yet fully cured/mature buds. The lemon/pine combination of flavors match well. And the buzz is much stronger and longer lasting. I’m happy… let’s tweek the buzz by allowing these buds to gain more amber trichomes.
Yeah Tryan I would say those are a delightful sticky mess. Very nice man

Hopefully only about 4 weeks remain until harvest. C'mon ladies eat up! It's totally ok to bulk up. Thanks for looking in.
Res change tonight. A day later than usual due to having just leveled off the water on Wednesday with 1/4 nute ratio'd food. Changed both to 50% recommended nutrients and 5.5 ph. TDS pen on the way, ordered today. With the ppm more info will be able to be kept for future grows. It was decided tonight to remove the reflectors from the cfs lights. When the plants were younger they were less round (bestest English) therefore getting the best of both worlds between the cfls and led. Now that the far reaches of every corner of the tent have been realized, I feel the reflectors are blocking light from the led. So off with those reflectors. An additional 4 gal of nutrient rich (50%) full hydroguard dosed, ph'd water is ready for replenishing over these next few days. Backup water has been only at 1/4 strength to date, so a bit of experimenting will be taking place. Will keep an eye out for nute burn. All in all no complaints from the ladies that I am catching onto. Let them feast and bulk themselves up. The ladies love you looking in on them with me, thank you!
Those buds sure look big next to a mini lighter! . I'm just kidding, they are looking just fantastic!!

Couldn't find a smaller mini Thanks for looking in. A few more weeks and this journey will be on to the cut, cure and consume phase. Yum. Can't wait.
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