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A Herban Legend Grow

Herban Legend

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Hello Members and Lurkers alike. As long as you smoke pot, you are welcome to my grow thread. I been wanting to record a grow to share with people for a while so here it is.
The first grow I will be showing is Double Fun from seedling to harvest (hopefully). This should be fun because its my first outdoor strain grown indoors.
Here's a pic I took June 16th. Six seedlings.


And this is the info I have recorded so far in my written journal.
No Mercy's Double Fun
Sat 5/9/07 11pm
Germed 6 seeds using paper towel method. (Damp paper towels folded over with seeds in middle in a sealed ziplock bag) @ room temp for 2 days. Area were they were stored recieves little to no light.

Mon 5/11/07 11pm
Found all seeds split with tap roots sticking out. Longest tap root was over 1/4 inch and the shortest barely stuck out of shell. Placed seeds in one inch rockwool cubes. (Water was aged for 2 days then cubes were placed in water. After that I lowered ph to 5.3 then 2 days later was when I planted seeds) PH was at 5.8 when planting seeds in the wool. Cubes are placed 2 to 3 inches away from flouro tubes (2 30w cool tube T7s).
Lights will be on 24/7. Normally I switch to 18/6 after all seedlings broke surface but I also need to take clones for another grow real soon so 24/7 will be the light regiman for another 2 weeks or so.

Wed 5/13/07 5pm
Found first seedling popped (Broke surface).

Thur 5/14/07 5 pm
2nd seedling popped.

Fri 5/15/07 9pm
4 seedlings have popped

Sat 5/16/07 6pm
Damaged one of the seedlings. Pulled out of cube when removing part of seed shell or husk and damaged tap root by breaking in half. SHIT!

Mon 5/18/07 10 pm
Plant seedlings in ebb n flow system using aged ph treated water. 6.1ph.


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Sweet man. keep us updated :)

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So now we are up to date and I have committed myself to share this grow.
This grow will be hydroponic and the flower period will be SCROG.
Here are a few pics of whats finishing in the flower room as of yesterday.
One month from harvest


Flowered 5/27/07



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as usual i'll spend my time here :p

it'd be awesome if we could have pictures / information on your current hydro system.

i'm in the process of starting my own hydro grow, any information would be appreciated (i've already got tons, but the more the better)

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All my hydro is DIY (do it yourself) shit but I gotta say that I am please with the results. I will be glad to include info about my ebbs.
I have alot to show you guys over the next few months and I hope you will be pleased with the info. It seems like I am always growing something and yeild and quality is always my goal.
And don't worry Berry, I have been a active grower for quite some time. I am not the best but I turn my nose to most of the KB that goes around so I am kind of a pot snob lol.
I will take a few pics and when they are approved, I will post them with info about the pics.

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This is a pic of the nutes I will be using. General Hydroponics Tri-Pack and Kool Bloom. And the very costly Hygrozyme cause the shit really works.


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Hey Legand, Can you tell me about the epsom salts your using? How much and when? Do you add it only when you see a problem or do you add it in with your nutrients all the time? How much per liter (or gallon) do you use?

Nothing wrong with being a snob man.:3:


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These are my ebb buckets. Its a 2.5 gallon bucket with around 100 1/8 inch holes drilled thru the bottom then stuck inside another bucket. They are all connected with half inch connectors connectors and 3/4 inch black tubing and grommets.(next setup will be one size bigger)
All of this can be purchased at lowes or home depot.
The ebb buckets are connected to the kitty litter bucket which is my controller. Inside the kitty litter bucket (I really need to fix the algae problem but pot smoking is more fun) is a a fill and drain connector (green) and a modified overflow connector (made it taller with pvc pipe).
The resevoir is right under the kitty litter box. Its a 30 gallon fish tank covered with Sunleaves Black and White Poly. This stuff I got from Cheap Hydroponics along with the nutes.

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These are my old ebb tables. Basicly a tray bought from home depot in the masonary department and ebb connectors from cheap hydroponics.
I still use them in the veg because the plants are smaller in veg and can be put closer together letting me get the most out of my flouro tubes. Last pic is the double fun. The first pic are 3 kush plants and will be the last time I use these in the flower room.

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This is my clone dome. I use a ultrasonic fogger for nutrient and water infusion. Fogger is actually a coolmist humidifier purchased from walmart.

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HPS lights thru cool air reflectors.


Carbon filtration for exhaust.


A/C and ozone generator.


A boxed in window thats cracked open to remove exhaust air from house. Its light proof.

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A four foot by six foot blanket of buds.

Can you tell me about the epsom salts your using? How much and when? Do you add it only when you see a problem or do you add it in with your nutrients all the time? How much per liter (or gallon) do you use?

Teaspoon a gallon after 30 days going from seedling to veg plant. Its cheap enough and mag deficiencies are common with mj. 2 teaspoons when using co2 injection. I get mine at Walmart.


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Ah, i'vebeen wanting to set up my own ebb and flow for awhile.

i've got a 50 gallon fish tank that i think i'll use!

and i can get all the buckets and whatnot, i just need to figure out how to set up the layout / pvc pipe / the plastic things inside the controller.
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