Boogies 144x3W Top LED Grow - Various Strains!

I haven't treated yet but I did buy sns203. I transplanted all the plants I thought were infected but neither of then were, at least from what I could see.
Here is my area now, sativacat!

Absolutely buysser! Post em up
Hey Boogies, thanks for letting me barge in but I wanted you to see the progress on my room. It's an attic grow in a hot and cold state so I have taken my time to make sure I insulated sealed and overkilled everything having to do with hot and cold. Next step is my enviornment which is probably going to take a portable ac unit.. Ordering two 144x3's tommorrow and I haven't been this excited since never.
I plan on putting them in the center of the room above a 5' grow area then move them to the sides for another grow area and put throw a bigger LED back down the center.
Thanks for the journal, it's fun to learn!!!

that's a sweet setup, man. two 144x3ws will REALLY light that area up well and you'll get some real nice flowers. just make sure you don't keep the lights too far above your plants. i recommend getting the yo-yo hangers. i moved my lights to about 12''-14'' above my plants and they are loving it!
Hey CO
Congrats on the grow!!
Know anyone that's hooked multiple lights so they move up and down together.. ?

Thank you. It is funny you said that about lights. I am working on that right now. Should be done tonight.
That's awesome! Can't wait to see some ideas. The other day I saw a power light lift. I can see it now. Two LEDS attached somehow and the motor moves them up and down from the center rod or whatever. This is so addicting it's crazy and I haven't even broke ground. I can't wait to pay sara and get the 144's coming. YES
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