Boogies 144x3W Top LED Grow - Various Strains!

That's awesome! Can't wait to see some ideas. The other day I saw a power light lift. I can see it now. Two LEDS attached somehow and the motor moves them up and down from the center rod or whatever. This is so addicting it's crazy and I haven't even broke ground. I can't wait to pay sara and get the 144's coming. YES

Hi boogies, just read through your thread and everything looks amazing. I am now subbed. I see that you really rate top led lights, im waiting on a set off the old model 100x3 and cant wait to get growing with them.
awesome, congrats on your purchase. i am sure you will love them!
Hey Boogie, What did you use to get the great photos?
i was using my phone but my phone just sht the bed yesterday so i have no way for pictures now :(
hey doods. lil' picture update for ya'll. plants are looking good. can't wait to start another round and harvest these ones. bchz has anywhere from 1 week to 2 weeks left. will be checking trichromes in one week and from then on. lemon kush is a slower grower. she will will fill out and plump up in the coming weeks. i flushed her down to 150 ppM runoff and then watered her with a nutrient solution today. bchz will be receiving nutrients for the next two waters and then will be going under flush mode. dinachem is looking good. she will be a good yeilder, i think. very nice structure. i also have a 10-12 inch blue chz clone showing pistil hairs in the flowering room. hoping to just pull one huge nug off of her :D

some pics!

blue chz

lemon kush

lemon kush

blue chz
harvest may be next week on the blue cheese. it's looking good! should plump up even more in the coming 7-15 days. can't wait to cut er' down. looking very forward to seeing what the buds will be like under the LEDs. Lemon kush still has a couple more weeks. Dinachem is realllllllly filling out nicely now. I think she will be a heavy yeilder :D
Thanks guys. Hope everyone is doing well. Expecting a 2+ zip harvest on the bcheese, hopefully. Gonna do some natural light pics this weekend.
Quick update. All plants were watered today. The blue cheese was flushed to ~100 ppM for it's final week or so. It has really plumped up int he past couple days since it's last watering with the blossom builder. The lemon kush is looking well. It still has clear trichromes but all the hairs just about are orange. It's a strange plant! It has about 2 weeks left I would say. It received 1tsp koolbloom, 1.5ml of blossom builder and 1tsp cal-mag today, per gallon. The dinachem is beautiful! Realllyyyyyyyyyyy pleased with the way this plant grew. It was the first plant that was originally under the LED for the 12/12 switch. It grew very nicely. I expect at least 2 zips from it. Lemon kush will be starting it's flush next water I think. We'll see. My Blue OG is really looking great. It's nice and squat, like an indica and I just fim cut it. Just started paper towel germination of my Kosher Tangie seed and my OG shark seed. can't wait!
Looking great TheBoogyman, I'm guessing if it has KUSH in the name it's a good grower? Also would you show your step by step Germination for this rookie?
well, I am not entirely sure if it's LEMON KUSH but it's definitely a sativa lemon strain. I think it may be "lemon drop", but who knows. it's a very slow grower compared to the blue cheese.

60cal, my germination method is quite simple. I just take my seed/s and put it into a folded up wet paper towel, not ice cold wet but wet and stick it inside a sandwich baggy and let it sprout it;s taproot then I put it into some soil!
yeah, i just stick it wherever it's a little warmer in my house. gonna be planting the kosher tangie today, taproot exposed :)
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