Colorado High - Soil - LED/CFL - Easy Rider Redux - 2015

Hello Colorado High,

Just got caught up and sorry about your plants.
I had same problem in the spring and oh silly me growing bag seed again.
Guess I just love to punish myself or just love the challenge.
I hope you make it to the end stamen free!

I like your side lighting and think I am going to give it a try :thumb:
Yeah I'm freaking out here man, I put 5 in to germinate. Lost 1 (it rolled off the paper towel into drain w/tap root) I know eh? LOL Anyway, The 4 that did make it into the pots have ALL sprouted up wonderfully. I'm trying to speed read the Cannabible 3 so I might be sure to Grow these Little Princesses up to be Royal Budesses. Eh! LOL I'll say this for Mr. Jason King. "He sure knows his shight when it comes to Growing Indoor Bud to Perfection. All the latest strains & suppliers therein. Worth the price by a long shot. I Know I'll be Growing much better Bud than before I read it for sure. In fact it's got me pumped right up about growing like I never imagined. Alright enough about Stevie boy. LOL. I'm also quite excited about the things I'll learn here in these forums. Speaking of which. Anyone have any experience with these White Widow Fems? I have to also admit I'm a wee bit nervous about screwing my sweet little girls up and I could never allow such a ridiculous thing to occur of course. Besides I have waaay to much common sense & fear eh! LMAO Also there's Noooo Waaaay My fellow Growers would allow me to either.Working on starting a new Pics folder to see progress from seed to finish.
Week 8/Day 56 of flowering and the remaining lady is struggling to finish up. I've not found any more stamens since the first, and apparently only, two stamens that were found a while back, but she is definitely not a happy camper at the moment. I probably should have just sacrificed her and started another grow, but I really wanted to see if she would end up with a decent harvest.

Close-up shot of the top of O1 on day 56 of flowering -


I've only fed her Cal-Mag Plus fortified water for the last few feedings to see if the nutrient burn would diminish. I expect to harvest whatever she produces sometime next month, unless she stalls and takes longer to mature. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving this week!
I'm pretty certain that mine are just WW Feminized is all. I didn't even know they came in autoz. Kewl. Just goes to show you how awesome and sweet that there are so many strains these days. Not to give away my age or anything,but I grew up in the 70's & 80's & the strains were none existent then. For real Max like 7% THC "I Know Eh! You can Imagine my amazement when I received my first 30 gram Bottle of 22.1% THC from Cannimed here in Ontario Canada just a 30 minute Drive from Toronto. I nearly thought I got some shight sprayed with Paraquat or something & I was checking the fark out man.LMAO Seriously though I'm Loving being alive still and New to the whole Grow gig 3rd Crop of 4 plants in my Cabinet. I also dig that I have bought a Library of e books on Indoor Growing & reviews and info on where to buy the best seeds from the most trusted sellers online. I'm partial To Crop King Seeds here in Canada. I'm also going to spread my wings a bit and try some of these strains that are just as sweet & Tasty as they look. I'm up on the fence in regards to Nutrients & Enhanced Grow Formulas? I really want to make this 3rd kick @ the Cabinet to be EPIC.

Thanx for the comment & look forward to hearing from U again. Sincerely: Donny. :Namaste: :Namaste:
This just goes to show in the Action sense what I'm talking about when I say this is where the Smart Growers come to teach & learn,old & new alike. I'm quite anxious about getting my little Darlings into the top shelf
Sorry to hear about the nutrient burn in flowering, i get it some times but depends on strain grown as i grow different ones every grow these days, sorry i don't have journals for all of em !

I just found some are more sensitive than others.

Now being a soil type of guy myself i've changed tactics a little over the years.

Now most pro bags of soil/compost state they have enough nutrients in for several weeks at best some may even suggest EC content of nutrients on the bag it self, knowing this i don't really bother with grow/veg nutrients these day or in till the later part of veg lets say 5 to 6 weeks if vegging longer i may add veg/grow stuff at around 50% strength once a week depending on plant health dosage may change tho for longer veg cycles & don't forget micro nutrients !

I just use nutrients for root growth some brands offer nutrients for this & i use Root Complex by Hesi with fresh soil/compost per fresh grow... it is just a watered down micro nutrient based for early growth the soil/compost should have enough of the rest & i rarely go past 6 weeks of veg these days from seed sprout with out problems. (standard bush style)

Just my experience tho :thumb:

Flowering ah, i just feed once a week perhaps may be a 2nd feed at half rate... i may adjust 2nd feed with a P/K boost once a week to ward of any P/K def which may show in early to mid flowering it is really not that uncommon to see this.

Now feeding with every watering whilst in flower is a bad idea in my own opinion, you may ask why ?

Well most nutrients are acidic in nature if ya care to do the research ! feeding with every watering will build up salt deposits altering PH value over time which may lead to nutrient lock outs... so ye some thing to think about adjust & adapt.

More likely a greater problem in flowering when most will increase nutrients/feeding to help gain a better yield when in fact you could be harming yield by over doing it.
:thanks: Fuzzy Duck for the information. I think where I went wrong was my flowering feeding schedule. I had vegged feeding full strength every other watering and that was dead on for this grow, no issues during vegging at all. I pushed my luck and feed every watering during flowering and that more than likely burned this lady. I thought that she could handle it given the significant effort required to produce flowers and all, but it appears that it was still too much even during flowering. My next grow I will not feed more often than every other watering, and maybe less often depending on plant development to avoid this problem in the future.
I'm having some tip burn on my girls. I have overfed as well, giving them a feed with every water. However, mine are not burned to the extent yours are. I noticed growth was stalling and chopped one plant early. Now I have a quarter to smoke on ;)
Hi Blazingbuds! Yeah, I was surprised by how fast it came on and the degree to which the lady was affected. It's by far the worst burn I've given a plant. I really thought that she could handle the increased feeding schedule after such a great veg with no issues at all. Lesson learned, either full feedings every other watering or half feedings every watering.
My logic was similar as well. I was bumping up the nutes, and giving them a nice liberal feed. Giving it to them because like you said, flowers take a lot of energy to put out. No signs of stress, so I was like hmm they must want more!
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