Colorado High - Soil - CFL - Super Skunk - 2013

Ahh, got it, thanks CHH! Within a particular strain, yes the plants look the same, grow the same, react to feeding/watering the same as well as react to stress the same. In fact, for both my grows, all of the plants expressed sexual maturity within one or two days of one another. I'm planning my fifth grow to be with a variety of unknown strains and that should be interesting to say the least. Hopefully, I will have learned and experienced enough during my first four grows to be able to properly manage multiple strains in a single grow.
looking at the plants again they look great. how long did you veg? are you vegging similar time under led? will you also add cfl?
Thanks b.real! It was nearly 9 weeks from seed under GLR until they reached sexual maturity. Since I let the plants tell me when to flip, it will be interesting to see if they take shorter, the same, or longer under LED lighting. I will add CFL sidelighting on an as needed basis, but I have to keep the temps down so there may not be that much of it during the summer.
Congrats on your MOTM win Colorado Slim. :popcorn:
Day 84 of flowering and a quick trichome check is telling me that these ladies are close enough to finishing for harvest. I could let them go for another week or so, but with the temperatures heading into the 80's this week, I doubt that they would benefit in any way from the 90°-100° that they would have to endure within the grow box. The left lady is definitely in shutdown mode, all of the fan leaves are drying up. I went through and removed as many as I could without disturbing her too badly, the result being that the trimming should be much easier than the right lady which has the majority of its fan leaves remaining. Both ladies have ~5% clear, 80% cloudy and ~15% amber, even though it doesn't look like that many amber in these photos, a lot of the leaf edges and tips are covered in amber trichomes.

Sugar leaf off of left lady on day 84 of flowering -


Sugar leaf off of right lady on day 84 of flowering -


I plan to harvest on Tuesday, May 6th, first thing in the morning. I still plan on launching my next grow tomorrow on May 5th, so keep an eye on my signature as the Grow 03 link will become active when that happens.
Day 84 of flowering and this will be the last photo update of the ladies for this grow. The heat within the grow box has become intolerable for both me and the ladies with temps reaching nearly 95° as ambient temperatures hover around 75°-80°. So, I decided to terminate the sidelighting for the remainder of this grow. I removed the 2700K and 10% UVB bulbs and installed the 5000K bulbs in preparation for the next grow. This single change dropped the temps by almost 10° but the level of light is just too low to effectively grow a significant amount of high quality cannabis. If I can get the temps a bit cooler with the LEDs, then I think I can make it through the summer without too many heat-related issues. While I had the tent opened, I removed all of the restraints and branch spreaders and put them away until the next grow as well.

Group shot of the ladies on day 84 of flowering -


Single shot of the left lady on day 84 of flowering -


Full and close-up shots of the top cola on the left lady on day 84 of flowering -



Single shot of the right lady on day 84 of flowering -


Full and close-up shots of the top cola on the right lady on day 84 of flowering -



I hope all is well with everyone and their grows. Enjoy your day wherever, whenever or whatever you may be!! ;)
Maybe you can keep an eye on me later on, further down the line Colorado Slim. One of my SKUNK beans just sprouted this morning. I know very well how skunk smokes but have no idea of any special treatment the strain may like while growing. This will be my first time growing something that I've smoked on a regular bases.

Yours looks like straight bud man.
Thanks BAR! That is one helluva sprout for having just sprouted, are you giving it steroids? ;) I'm not sure how much assistance I can provide given the treatment I gave my girls this time but I am subbed and will follow along. Since I'm growing another skunk variant for my next grow, I will probably learn more from you than you from me as I try not to kill them this time! ;) ;)
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