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Colorado High - Soilless - LED/CFL - Skunk Red Hair - 2014

David Bowman

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Strain - Skunk Red Hair (75% Indica / 25% Sativa)
Started from seed on May 5, 2014
Indoor Soilless Grow in a 4' x 2' x 5' Grow Box

Pots - 6-2 Gallon Black Plastic Nursery Pots
Medium - Generic Soilless Indoor Potting Mix (Sphagnum Peat Moss, Perlite, Vermiculite and Wetting Agent)
Nutrients - Doggett & Simpson Growology 3-Step System & Molasses

Air Circulation - 2-6" 2-Speed Clip Fans
Air Extraction - 6"x14" Carbon Filter/130 CFM Fan Combo
Air Humidification - Evaporative Cool Mist Humidifier


LED Canopy Light - Top LED 96x3 Watt Reflector Grow Light (~170 Watts)
CFL Sidelights (As Needed) - Maximum of 12,800 Lumens/184 Watts @ 5000K
Lights On - 21:00-09:00 & 14:30-15:30 (Gas Lantern Routine)


LED Canopy Light - Top LED 96x3 Watt Reflector Grow Light (~200 Watts)
CFL Sidelights (As Needed) - Maximum of 22,400 Lumens/336 Watts @ 2700K or Maximum of 5,280 Lumens/208 Watts of 10% UVB
Lights On - 21:00-09:00

Welcome to my third grow! For my first two grows, I've been constantly battling high temps and low RH. I try to keep the grow box mostly sealed, to help control RH and contain supplemental CO2, and with the 425-525 watts of CFLs that I use throughout a grow the temps inside the grow box, with the ventilation system running, are 15°- 20° above ambient air temperatures. Heat/light caused half of my ladies to hermie in my first grow and since the ventilation system has to run continuously during lights on to keep temperatures below 85°, RH levels are impossible to control and typically remain well below 30%, especially during the colder months. I knew that something had to change or else I wouldn't be able to grow again until late August/early September, so I've decided to make two significant changes to my grow environment starting with this grow.

First, I have upgraded the canopy lighting to LED technology which will increase both the intensity and quality of the light while consuming less energy and lowering the amount of heat generated. To that end, I purchased a Top LED 96x3-watt Reflector LED grow light with a coverage area of 4.4' x 2.2', more than enough for my grow box. With a maximum of 288 watts, the stated power consumption is ~170 watts in Growth mode and ~200 watts in Growth and Bloom modes compared to the 250 watts consumed by my previous CFL canopy lighting. (FWIW, the costs of the CFL and LED canopy setups are nearly identical, easily within a few dollars of each other and that does not take into account replacement CFL bulbs.) I will still employ CFL sidelighting as long as the temperatures and RH remain in their respective ranges of 85°-95° with 50%-70% RH during vegging and 75°-85° with 30%-50% RH during flowering. Previously, I've attempted to maximize the CFL light output and dealt with the resulting temps/RH issues as best as I could. From now on, light output is taking a back seat to temps/RH and I'm determined to get my grow environment dialed in regardless of grow stage or ambient environment.

Second, I will use an inverted light schedule to moderate the temperatures inside the grow box throughout each day as well as from season to season throughout the year. Sunrise will be at 9:00 PM, Sunset will be at 9:00 AM and during vegging I will employ GLR with one hour of light from 2:30 to 3:30 PM.

This time, instead of soil, I'm going with a soilless medium, which contains Sphagnum Peat Moss, Perlite, Vermiculite and a Wetting Agent. As with my last grow, I will be using only Doggett & Simpson Growology 3-Step System and Molasses. During vegging, I will employ supplemental CO2 once temperatures consistently stay above 85° during lights on. In addition to LSTing, I will be topping for the first time to learn how to better manage plant height and shape as well as multiple colas.

Today, I placed 6 Skunk Red Hair seeds into a glass of tap water. Hopefully, within the next 24-48 hours, I shall see some tap roots.
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I would like to ask a question about using these numbers for growing two plants, where do I start my post, I looked everywhere. Thank You!

LED Source
Integrated light source
LED Number
288pcsx1w high power led
730nm 660nm 630nm 610nm 470nm 450nm 380nm
Input Voltage
50/60 Hz
Housing material
Working Temperature
Gross Weight
Photosynthesis Photon Flux
2200μmol/m²/s /20cm
Lens angle
90 degree
Housing color
Red Blue Golden Purple white

David Bowman

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:welcome: to :420:

Yowza1, I'd post this question under Grow Lighting, there are a number of very knowledgable LED gurus that frequent that forum and can answer your questions.


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Must be something in the air this week. That hgk I got going was put in paper towel four days ago and it's showing first true leaves already. Hope you get some super vigorous growth too! Sending good growing vibes your way.


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i'm in! and look forward to it!:bravo::55:
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