Colorado High - Soil - CFL - Super Skunk - 2013

I'm stoked for your new meters CH. I "need" some of those myself. I've been busy building a drain table for my flower tent but need to get out and work on the lawn and garden. This is going to be a rad outdoor season I feel.

Two demographics of people get some amazing holidays this weekend and yall know which one I'll be celebrating. I know I shouldn't be mentioning the competition but the first ever fully legal Cannabis Cup in the good ol US of A is being held in Denver. It's always cool to see how high the THC % can hit at these competitions at what cool new strains come out. It's going to be an all out battle for the first round of new cannabis related companies to try and grab a foot hold. Also Snoop Dogg at Red Rocks on Sunday!

"Best weekend ever"- Simpsons Comic Book guy
Try the first fully legal Cannabis Cup in the entire world, CH!! It definitely is a good time to be living in Colorado right now! And you know, it was a helluva place to live in before cannabis was legalized, it just keeps getting better and better!
Nothing exciting, have you any plans? I need to get out and work on the lawn and the vegetable garden soon. It's hard getting motivated this year with all of the gardening I did over the winter! ;) But at least now I have something to help me zone out and focus on the work at hand. ;) ;) The planning of and new toys for the next grow are taking up too much of my time, I need to prioritize better but I'm having too much fun with cannabis! On top of the LED grow light, I got new Soil pH and Moisture meters and am looking at getting a wireless temperature/humidity monitor with 3 remote sensors to keep an eye on the grow environment without having to open the grow box like I do now. There's always something I "need" for my grow. Oh well, I can't complain too much, I'm growing and consuming cannabis living next door to a local LEO and not stressing about it one iotal! Life could be much worse!!

A buddy of mine in co springs was posting pictures of snow fall a week or so back if I recall, are you still getting snowfall? the gardening will be good for the mind, hope you're able to spark a doobie beside your plants

Just meeting up with a few buddies to burn a couple down, nothing too special although I will be letting them sample all my curing meds from the past couple grows should be a hoot (which I just accomplished as well) :) Your new toys sound great will be exciting, I would like to see everyone else's complete need lists.. I have a "want" list that... lets just not get into the want list :laugh: The LED is awesome i'm the market for the same unit which is high on the need list ;)

More power to ya CH, wonder if the leo partakes in his limit! Love your guys CO mentalities! & I just noticed we have 2 CHs in the bulding :thumb:

How are your ladies looking today?
Snow's gone for now but we can expect snow into May around Denver, but that is not that common of an occurance. Typically, the first outdoor plantings occur around Mother's Day here. It has been a very green/wet spring so far, also not that common, but if it drys up later on, then fire season will not be good with all of the new growth drying out. I'll be able to vape from my portable VaporGenie outside in and around the house/yard. I wish I could join you and sample some of your meds as well, especially your hash, the last time I had hash was 18 years ago in Paris, where regular pot was very hard to get ahold of but hash was everywhere. My next door neighbor doesn't partake but we have discussed my past usage. He seems relatively tolerant and his main concern with the legalization is with the potential increase of access to cannabis by kids, something that I'm also concerned about BTW. We as adults have to be responsible about this new privilege or else this can backfire on us very quickly. The ladies are doing well, just filling out those buds. I fed them yesterday and still plan to stop feeding after next Monday's feed and harvest 2 weeks after that, in part due to your and others suggestions here. Thanks again everyone!
Day 70 of flowering and the ladies keep filling out and maturing at a nice pace. I've been spending more time on the lawn and outdoor vegetable garden than I have with my indoor garden. Tomorrow is the last time I will feed them, they will only get molasses water until the harvest on May 5th.

Group shot of the ladies on day 70 of flowering -


Single shot of the left lady on day 70 of flowering -


Close-up shots of the top cola of the left lady on day 70 of flowering -



Close-up shots of a couple of side shoot buds on the left lady on day 70 of flowering -



Single shot of the right lady on day 70 of flowering -


Close-up shots of the top cola of the right lady on day 70 of flowering -



Close-up shots of a couple of side shoot buds on the right lady on day 70 of flowering -



Not much else to say right now. I think the pictures speak for themselves. I wish everyone a fantastic 420!!
Yeah, the right lady has had much less stress than the left lady. The left lady has been through hell and back again and it is definitely noticeable with the buds. The left lady has smaller, darker buds a little further along than the buds on the right lady which are plumper and lighter in color. I will be separating the harvest of these two as I think that they will have subtle yet distinct differences between them that I would like to preserve.
Day 77 of flowering and it has been 15 days since the last trichome inspection. The left lady has 15% clear, 80% cloudy and 5% amber, the right lady has 20% clear, 70% cloudy and 10% amber. So it looks like sometime this next week or so they will be ready for harvest.

Both sides of a sugar leaf from below the top cola of the left lady @ ~100x on day 77 of flowering -



Both sides of a sugar leaf from below the top cola of the right lady @ ~100x on day 77 of flowering -



They were watered yesterday with molasses water. I expect to water them one more time and then let them dry out in preparation for harvest.
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