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Elevated Lighting Company's Official Grow Journal 2021

Ppkm is frosty and praying hard
Unfortunately I am getting new to a different nute and accidentally skipped a feed last week. I think I got her now but she is looking like she will do well.
A garden to be proud of :peace: Hey Justin , I was doing UVA 20 minutes an hour for the twelve hours on and think it might have been too much ! What is your schedule if you don't mind :green_heart: using your 250 red spec 3 flowering machine along with some extras . thanx and great work Did a thread on it but not much reaction . Thank you my friend
I am running mine 30min on 5x a day. This is slightly more intense. I am doing You should not have a problem though using it from week 3 in flower to flush. I have been using it for about 2 years without question.

Start a new one and tag me in. Would love to follow along.
Alright photos from last night

First up, my Animal Cookies. She's looking okay so far. I hope to see her start to fatten up over the next week. Her "frost" level is mild. She is showing some purple in the leaves. Can't pin the nose yet. I recently grew some Platinum Garlic that just ruined my nose for a bit.


Ms Crinkles may shape up to be a little nug bush. I have grown Slurricane 6 or 7 other times and have always been disappointed. So my expectations are low.

I cleaned out one of my other 4 x 4 tents for a clone run under the Demon. Yes, I have the first Demon ever built. I have been running it for well over a year now. I have never had denser buds. We will talk about THC production come week 6 or so regarding some FREE tricks to maximize it.


Okay. In the clone tent I posted last night, it will be clones of PxPKM, Animal Cookies, Ms. Crinkles, and Gorilla Cookies.

I will be starting my next batch of seed popping soon for my other 4 x 4 tent. Here is what I have up for consideration. Bold is already a yes. Let me know what you would like to see and under what LED board!

- Gorilla Butter White Truffle Cut
- Bubbas Wrath
- Iced Out
- Alaskan Purple
- Ghost Train Haze #1 (I have 5 seeds left out of 24)
- Sugarcane
- Deluxe Sugarcane
- King Sherb
- GMO Runtz - Hard Maybe
- Chem Cookies
- Chem 4
- Alien Breath
- Alien Ice cream
- Northern Storm
- Plus many more in the vault of freebies and such
WOW ! How great to have a selection like that :lot-o-toke:
haha I trade a lot and look for deals. For some reason, I am lucky and cursed. Most of the time when someone acquires, there is a problem with the shipment actually leaving the facility. So they throw in additional packs :Rasta:when its re-mailed. I inherited this really stanky strain called Muddy Waters this way!

Key Point to Grow Your Own Seed Bank - freebies feed the people who are clueless about how to get seeds. Then, level up your own stuff.


Nug of the Month: Dec 2020 - Member of the Month: Jan 2021 - Plant of the Month: Feb 2021
Sorry for the absence. I forgot to tell every one I have two young boys.

My spouse works nights as an RN and ever three weeks she does a long stretch where my life is literally flying by the seat of my pants for a week and doing baby / toddler stuff. I will have an update today / tonight.
Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week.

First up, the clone tent. They are coming along. I may try some training on them. Not sure yet. Thinking about tying them down to each pot, wait for some solid vertical

pic 2.jpg

Here is my 2 x 4 tent where my overflow plus clones go. Animal cookies & Slurricane. The two clones are unknown but was told Gorilla Glue X Hawaiian Punch. They were cuttings I put in plain soil on Sunday. Finally showing life as of yesterday.

pic 3.jpg
For the 4 x 4 tent, here is the Slurricane - Day 41. I hope she continues to put on weight. tad nervous :lot-o-toke: she is frosty tho.Pics do not do justice.

Feeding Schedule

- 1 tbsp Coming of Age ( 1x week) per gallon
- tbsp Bud Bread Every Watering (3x week) per gallon
- 2 tsp pf the Angels Touch (1x week) per gallon

pic 4.jpg

pic 5.jpg
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