First Grow - Critical Kush Soil

Well after yesterday's watering I'm spotting all new issues and some worsening....:confused:

The ghost train is now looking rough after all this time..

And the hillbilly that was showing signs of heat stress and burns. Her new growth is starting to taco and roll up.
I thought she was starting to pull out of it..
I haven't given these two any nutes what so ever!! Just strait water! Erg!
Beyond frustrating!

But on a positive note one of the ol blues might actually pull through!
So out of a 12 pack I might actually have one lol

I'm at a loss on what to do with this nute burn..
Either FFOF is so packed full of nutes it's burning the hell out of all my plants or it's something I'm not seeing that I'm doing wrong...
I'm all out of ideas besides flushing..
Everytime I water they burn worse!
just flush them asap with lemon juice mix. just use one lemon per the biggest bucket you got. or half a lemon in each bucket. grind it up good

seedling looks good :thumb:
Thanks B!
I will flush stat!
I have fox farms sledgehammer.. Would that be beneficial at all?
Or just strait water and lemon juice?

This really gives me perspective into all those journals I see with picturesque plants!
Not as easy as one thinks.
A ton of variables to learn and take into account! Really appreciate all the help!
I will definitely return the favor hopefully one day!
NOOO sledgehammer burns peoples plants! I can't remember who it was but it ruined his crop almost

I would use lemon juice. a real lemon, not the stuff in those plastic lemon containers.

ask foxfarms for a refund for at least the sledgehammer. just email them that shit is trash!
Howdy dres! :Namaste:

I read everywhere that FFOF was the absolute best soil blah blah blah
Guess I missed how hot it ran...
Now I'm discovering where people are actually complaining that even happy frog burns some strains..
And I'm sure there are some strains that thrive in FFOF.
Guess I got some sensitive ones..

I'm seriously looking into ebb and flow systems and aeroponic systems for future grows.

I'm using the big 10 gallon jugs from a local chain store.
It comes in right at 6.5 out of the jug.
And runoff comes in around 6.1/6.0
I've read fox farms drops the ph runoff and their nutes can drop it as low as 5.9 but the lowest I've gotten was 6.0
I actually didn't test the run off Monday.
id say go with the ebb and flow first less to worry about
the more you add the more electricity and the more things you have to rely on to work to get the grow going good
ebb and flow has the pump but not constantly running and you can have some air go on a few minute before it floods
so the liquid is well aerated just a thought
aeroponics you need to worry about pumps and sprayers and if its constantly running the pump will create heat in the water
cant use any type of nute for fear of clogging the sprayers
sometimes less is more just my thought on it
Happy Weednsday Pz :thumb:
Thank you for the input cron!
That sounds like just what I'm looking for!

Just landed another 600 watt light.
And I'm looking at one of the ebb and flow systems like this
Titan Controls 702806 Flo-n-Gro: Ebb & Flow Gro System, 6 Site

Not that system exact but similar build.
I have another 600watt system on its way for flip and a king cloner 36 site.
So I should have 1200 watts going for flower.

Guess ill have to score a bigger tent once I go hydro.
Would a 10x10 be sufficient enough for 8-16 plants?
Any bigger than 10x10 I'll have to set it up in my garage or buy a home with a basement lol and that's way beyond my budget! lol

Happy weedsday cron!!
Got a big cone of kush to kick back and enjoy!
you could probably get away with 8-10 in a 10 x 10 depends how big you want the plants to be
right now im squeezed in tight in the 4x4 tent and the one plant that's about a week and a half out from being cut is taking more than half the space making the other plants suffer in size lol
its not a big deal to me I just wanted to grow those 2 seeds out im just saying
in hydro and in those flow and grow type buckets ive seen some big plants
but they need the space to get big
the big one I have had the space to get big before I squeezed in the next 2
just a thought
And honestly that's why I got another light.
I have 4/5 different strains and my ghost is a monster and my Hillbillys are not even 13"
I need to evenly distribute the light..

Right now I have one cool tube above the ghost and 3' above the rest.

I don't need monsters!
A 10x10 will take up most of my spare bedroom.
If I can take clones , root , flip and get 1-3 zips per site I'll be happy!

I'm just sorting through different genetics trying to find my prize.
So why I picked a haze that will probably take me to 70 days flower is beyond me.
I need a 7 weeker lol
if theyre short and dense you can get 1 per and maybe squeeze in 12-14
since clones wont take as long to flower
you can flower once theyre rooted but ide give em at least 3 weeks of veg
an ounce out of that strain dependent highly possible
Good Vibes to the plant so it can get better and grow big and lush :circle-of-love:
Happy Thurweed day Pz :thumb:
Thank you cron! Happy thurweed!
Hope they bounce out of this funk!!
About to throw them under 1200 watts when they do!

Was in town today and scored a couple grams of hillbilly armor.
I was surprised to see it!
Never heard of it besides banks and couldn't find one online report of it being grown..
Under the 100x scope it's all purple! Absolutely beautiful!

It's definitely a donger!

Hope mine turns out half as good!
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