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I Should Have Done This A Month Ago


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hello all im pretty new here and im loving it. I checked out a few other forums but non like this..loving the contest and great people! im glad to be here!


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Nikolaos, :welcome: to :420:. We are glad that you are here. We are spreading the word about cannabis and hemp to the world. That is a very cute fuzzy kitty. https://www.420magazine.com/forums/introduce-yourself/216746-new-member-start-links.html has many good links that you may be interested in. This is the very best run board I have found and is why I am here. The moderators keep it fun and interesting. They work hard to maintain the integrity of the threads. We appreciate all the hard work that they put in to make this a safe and fun environment for everyone world wide. It is awesome that they run the contests and give away really cool stuff. There are a lot of wonderful growers here that are willing to help anyone. Light Addict is just one of many that are extremely helpful and kind. The Frequently Asked Questions is a good place to look for answers or to ask questions should you have any. Look around and have fun. Have a great week my friend. :thumb:
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