JadeLotus' Auto Bubilicious!

Congrats, have enjoyed reading through your thread thanks for sharing. :) Im just starting out on autoflowers for my first personal grow. The firsts few weeks growth for Bridgette was amazing.
Took the top half of Bridgette today. I'm going to leave the other half for a week or so.

Also took off the top of Destiny.

Moved Charlotte to the tall cabinet.
Good Evening, JL. Hope all is tip top with you. Congratulations - very good looking top from B. :bravo::goodjob: Are you pleased with the yield? Looks super to me.

Destiny looks well. Now with the new lights and tent and accoutrements on their way I'm all about learning topping. :) So was that above the fifth set of leaves or so?

Always really good to see an update from you.
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