JadeLotus' Auto Bubilicious!

Picture time
Start with Bubbilicious. Bridgette is flowering nicely.

Charlotte the blue diesel is flourishing.

Destiny is unchanged. Last night she got a 2 gallon flush. I don't know if it will do anything for her but it's worth a shot. My mother-in-law came over and said I should repot her with different soil. What do u guys think? I know you shouldn't transplant autos but at this point I don't think it could do anymore harm.
It wouldn't do harm but wouldn't help either because she is in flowering and she is so small.She will be small with one bud so i think that nothing will change.Charlotte look very nice and healthy.Bridgette flowers great.I can see top leaves are curling up,how close do you keep your light?It can be caused by too much heat,naturaly plant collect water on leaves that way so it can cool little.Except that everything is great,don't worry about curling but if you can do anything about that she will be many greatful.:goodjob:
Just taking a peek... Kind of looks like a Calcium deficiency to me but I've not seen what you feed with. Where I live , Oregon, Portland area, we have water with such low ppm of heavies in the water, it has no calcium. If you have any flush, I use Clear-x, flush with a lot of water. You need atleast 100% run off out the pot. 5 gallon pot, 5 gallons run off out the bottom, then next time she needs feeding add alittle cal-mag about 10 mills per gallon with your regular feedings. Pot doesn't require a lot of food. I normally water mine with 2/3rd strength fert's.I wanted to tell ya about the Pineapple Express auto. Tasty stuff, small plant, I'm 'hoping' a 1/2 oz off her. But the smoke was sweet tasting, and stony. My ratings put her at about 7 outta 10. Thing about auto's is they start with a rudius, however it's spelled, and a real rudius has almost no thc values. Kind of like hemp. It's just a strain that turned auto because they had no seasons, or REAL fast seasons and she had to adapt to a fast growing season. But they cross it with whatever choices they use, but it always has that strain that has no thc in it. Kind of like cutter on your dope. Auto's have come along ways. The first 'lowrider#1' hell you was lucky you got 6 grams off a plant. But for a report, she got to 2' tall, no side branching to speak of hence the small yield. Auto's have a place, and seeing you want smaller plants she's ok as far as I can tell. You could fit a lot of these in a small foot print. GL with the girls. Not sure what your growing in but most store bought soils are ph'ed pretty good. Keepem Green
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