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Oldsmokey Goes Hydro

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Hello and welcome to my new journal. Everyone is welcome. All and any advise or questions is encouraged. It's going to be a slow start. I do have some beans started. I am waiting on the bud to dry in my grow room so I can start setting up the system.

Sept 8 seeds Soaking

Sept 9 all seeds cracked after 18 hours In paper towels.

Sept 10 all seeds have tap roots transfered to solo cup with vermiculite.

I have used vermiculite for a long time for cloning but have never tried starting a seed in it so this is a first for me. In theroy it should work. The reason for this is I don't want any organic matter in the system if I can help it. Vermiculite can easily be removed by dipping it into water once or twice and it's pretty much gone. I also started another seed soaking on Sept 10 for insurance. Green crack free seed from canuck. It was planted this morning Sept 12.

That's all for now more details to follow once I get the system setup.

Have a great day talk with you later

Grow On Stay Medicated :snowboating: :48:


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Since I’m way out of harms range, here’s a long distance shout out to @The Celt for Smokey’s new thread. :Rasta: :ganjamon:


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I'm in Smokey! Love to watch a hydro from the get-go!


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Thanks, Brother! :thanks:

I just sent an email to my contact at @GeoFlora Nutrients and I'm sure he'll respond but may not be until after the weekend. If you just want to request the free sample, you can do it here:

GEOFLORA Organic Dry Nutrients
I’m in too dudes! :48:
Awesome, here for the ride.
Hey Smokey, looking forward to seeing the hydro, I may delve into it myself after the outdoor girls are in and dried :)

And thanks for the shoutout Roostifer :)
Count me in
Me too please! I have a hydro set-up I will start building soon...take me to school oldsmokey!
Starting in vermiculite, and moving to what medium? Hydroton I hope? Exciting stuff...
Welcome everybody glad you made it! Yes I will be planting into Hydroton in 6" baskets. I am not as brave as Dusted he puts seeds with tap root into the Hydroton. I have grown lots in hydro that's how I learnt to grow but it's been over 10 years. I have always used clones so starting from seed and into Hydroton is new to me hope it works. If not I got lots of seeds just hate wasting them these chem91 weren't cheap.
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