Pineapple Express Autos - 140 Watts LED In Veg - 400 Watts LED & CFLs In Bloom

well I just wanna say that this's the easiest smoothest grow I'v had so far , I have given them nutrition 2 times only , the first one was last week with 40% dosage veg nutes , and yesterday with 80% bloom nutes , the soil mix I'm using is totally worth the 50 £ I paid for the 50 liters , it saved me alot of time and effort adding nutes , well I also haven't even started measuring the ph yet , I do have a measure I just have been very busy working my ass off so didn't have alot of time, Anyways gonna measure it next watering for sure, no more laziness , the soil is self adjusting ph so no worries for now i guess.
it might seem that I went too far with the defoliation i gave the babies lately, But for such a small space and with the summer high temperatures I think this\s the best they can get , specially right now when they r 29 days old and stretching crazy for flowering, what do u think ?


Cheers friends :volcano-smiley:
I dont have a limit if i wna defol my autos i take off what i want all at if is any shock happens all at once.but i dont think it does shock them as 3 days later u have a bush again the only limit i would wait with any auto till 3 and a half to 4 weeks this time she is established and busy veging away;) defol how u want from that moment forward;) the rest is cannabis history;) happy growing every1;)
I do the same ...At once if i defol
Hey mates,
It's been a while, nothing much new is happening , it's been like 2 weeks since they started flowering, they r growing high fast, I guess I should have made a net to keep them low, but it wouldn't work in my small space with 3 crazy plants :cool:, next time I'm gonna grow 1 or 2 plants mx , and then train them to stay low and fill the space. Anyways we always keep on learning ;)
Here r some pix , Day 42


cheers :volcano-smiley:
It's been a while my friends , the plants r doing great , and soon to be harvested , they r 63 days old above soil now, like 36 days into flowering. It is written that this strain takes only 30 days to flower , but i don't really trust that so i'm leaving them awhile longer , 2 of them r almost ready and I flushed them few days ago , one of these 2 has grown crazy beautiful , the buds got so heavy that i had to pull them up with robes :drool::laughtwo:
check it out


cheers :volcano-smiley:
Hope all is well in your world.

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