Plato420's 2x2 Organic T5 - Ace of Spades 2014

Here is Day 14 Flower for Ace and Day 37 Veg for Blackjack. I took a clone from the Bj yesterday because it was hitting the light.


Here is a pic of the cab from the outside. figured I would pop this one in there.
Loving that blackjack! Grown one myself and Im pretty sad I didt clone her, got some purp on her buds and dankkkkkk

Liking this grow :thumb:

Awesome thanks Yummytrees! Glad to have you here! Yeah that BJ is some nice stuff. I had two of them in my previous grow and I think this one is looking the strongest of the seeds so far.

So when I got home from work today the one ace plant nearest the door had lots of powder mildew and I felt the exhaust from the veg area and there was a puddle of water and in the vent and condensation all around the metal flange attached to the box.

I had some mildew cure on hand from a previous grow so I applied the proper application to the one plant. After the application there does not look to be any signs of it remaining on her. She really didn't seem to like it very much however its all under control. Will run dehumidifier when the flower light shuts off and the veg light is still on, this is when the humidity is the worst.

Here are some pics from day 17 flower. Will post better pics of the BJ soon.


This pic is after the trim I gave her. The branch after the spray was hanging in the soil so I had to trim it to ensure no mildew.

Here is what I cut. That could have been an 1/8th or more, bummer but for the greater good of the plant.

Sorry to here that hope you get the p.m. takin care of quick, sendind the good vibes your way bud.

Thanks Dusty the plants are doing okay however the other Ace also has PM as well. Trimmed all the leaves with visual PM and think I will spray a Mildew cure on the ace #2 when lights come on Today. This is a big bummer. Also since I sprayed the other plant close to lights out the other day I tried to lightly dry the buds off which was a bad move because most of the tops white hairs now look like they are all bruised up.

As always its a learning experience. I'm hanging in there.
Here is where everything is at...

Cab temp before dehumidifier averaged around 85 degrees lights on and 74 degrees lights off.
With dehumidifier 89-92 degrees lights on and 79-82 degrees lights off. This is a huge jump and will not be ideal for maximum potential however there will be zero potential if they have powdery mildew so for now I will keep the dehumidifier on. What I need is a ac unit in my room but a nice one will cost $300 or more. I might see if Home Depot has any on sale however it could be a while before I can purchase an ac unit. This would make it more comfortable in my room also.

Pics to come later today or tomorrow.

But to bring the energy back up here is another couple pics from my last grow.

a Group shot.

Blackjack somewhere around 20 or 25 days flower.
Hey so the P.M. Threw me off a little with this grow as I just started working on the same day it happened and now I do believe they are stunted from a few things.

First off is the the temp it's now at about 92F average with the lights on. This in my opinion is just way to hot and I would not have started this grow had I known I would need to run my Dehumidifier constantly.

Second is the the humidity where I'm at is usually around 10-15% humidity but its been up in the 70-80% range for some reason and definitely far from ideal.

The plants are in recovery mode and hope new growth starts again soon but with the temps in the 90s I feel like growth is going to be slowed down from what it was without the dehumidifier.

Here is the Blackjack at Day 40.

The Ace of Spades sprayed with mildew cure first.

Ace of Spades before Mildew cure.

Ace of Spades after Mildew cure

Inner node structure on the Blackjack.
Sorry to hear about your PM. Hope you can get it under control. I agree that temps in the 90s is a tad high. Would running your dehumidifier only during lights off help?

Hey Jade!

Thanks and I do believe the PM is in check since I added the dehumidifier and sprayed the mildew cure.

So I am running lights on at 7pm for flower and I was trying to not run the ac thru the night. Since it gets nice and cool in the evenings I open the windows and use the outside air. However, with the humidity so high lately and my AC unit off it makes it difficult to turn off the dehumidifier during the day cycle. I'm hoping I have the cash to get an in room AC unit soon then I can do away with the dehumidifier.

Thanks Jade!

Things are looking pretty good other than not being able to keep these girls very green. The buds are really starting to look good and the cab came down to 92 peak temp but averaging now around 90F which is still quite hot but it seems to be okay for now.

The Blackjack clone has roots! I will transplant on Saturday when I have some time. I'm going to put her in a 1 gallon container veg for a day or two then put her in with the other flowering girls and see what happens! I think I will take a couple more clones and possibly keep this BJ from seed as a mother plant but not sure yet.

Blackjack clone with roots.

Ace day 24

Anyone know what might be causing the yellowing of only a few leaf's on the plants?
They are starting to get a nice frosty coating. things are looking good for having to recover from PM. Good thing i noticed it right away.

I'm using happy frog soil and went to use some and the top layer was covered in a white layer of something. I will post some pics of this but anyone know what this is and if the soil is still okay to use? I think I'm going to pick up some different soil but not sure what I might want to use. Anyone have suggestions for a good soil? I will be researching what I want to use tomorrow and purchase on monday.
Look like a boron and mag deficiency, most likly caused by ph

Yes thanks Dusty this sounds right on. Going to start using the GO nutrients as the label calls for using every water not every other water like I have been. I think this will help bring the PH down a bit to where it should be.

Going to research the soil I'm going to use a bit more but coco is definitely a good option for this grow maybe in a 1 gallon air pot.

Thanks Dusty!
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