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Hello Everybody,

I stopped writing journals because it took a lot of time out of my day with downloading pictures and such. I downloaded the 4:20 app and it's super easy to snap a picture and post it so I'mma start up another Journal.

I guess I might as well give you the general rundown on how I grows it...

I have a 600 watt MH lamp and a few fans in an 8 by 8 room with 400 cfpm fan pushing fresh air in. I sometimes move the plants that are in veg into the room with the big light but otherwise they live under small cfl spiral bulbs next to a fan. Ambient temperatures fluctuate day night 75 ~65 Fahrenheit. Humidity is not controlled. Easy peesy...

I start out with this soil. It's pretty good cuz seedlings take off quickly very little needed fertilizing or playing with ph or any of those other little hassles. The company is good and the people are nice. Good local soil.

After about a month I fertilize with kelp, fish emulsion, Epsom salts, and sometimes gypsum.

Once flowering starts I use this.

I do use a pH tester it's just some $30 thing off of Amazon. I've basically honed in on exactly how much of what acid and base to add to whatever fertilizer mixture to just do it intuitively anymore. I only break out the pH tester if I start to see nutrient deficiencies toxicities or evidence of salt build-up

Le tester.

I guess I'll get on with the juicy stuff heres some photos.

Blueberry cross with Northern Lights from Zambeza seeds. I can't remember when she popped... probably about a month ago. She is about 38 cm. I have never grown a plant much bigger than this size indoors. I want to get this one to be about 80 centimeters tall before I flower it. I haven't decided whether to top it or not.


Well here I have a little Chocolope from DNA Genetics. She popped on November 16. This is supposed to be a pretty pure sativa and supposedly grows very large. This one I'm seriously thinking about stopping and carefully pruning to get it to grow wide.



Then I have this Wild Thai from World of Seeds. She may need another few weeks. It started flowering Outdoors during the summer and I brought it inside when it got cold. It's advertised to harvest in late November so I feel like this one is running late.



On a side note I also grow peppers indoors because damn that's a lot of light.

One big happy family.


There's alot going on in terms of cannabis in my life I'm currently working on find me a good way to dry sift hash because I have a lot of trim just laying around.

In general I've been drawn to some of the more exotic strains. I've always wanted to just stick with one strain and grow it over and over and really hone in on its particular growing habits. I'm able to do this because I'm always looking for a new and different strain. I don't foresee ever giving up growing cannabis because it's so damn easy and it's so damn expensive otherwise.

I'm looking forward to Growing Outdoors next summer had a pretty bad experience last year with growing weeds that were way too big. I planted super early and ended up with some really big problems at the end of the summer. I sort of did that on purpose because I wanted to grow the biggest most badass sativas and they ended up taking forever to flower. I love it about the 45 degree latitude and just need to find a strain that is more suitable for my environment.

I think I'm going to grow a few automatics for the first half of next summer and plant the standard seeds late to keep them from getting too big too fast.

Shout out to all the awesome folks here at 420 magazine! I couldn't have done this without you.

I guess that's all for now. See you on the flip side.

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Here are some pics of this thai weed. It's pretty good smoke. A pain in the Ass to trim. Not much mass. Lots of stems but it burns nice. Smells and tastes earthy, maybe a bit like pine. Very strong aroma, the stinkiest weed I have. As soon as I touch a jar I can smell it.

To be honest I probably will not grow it again anytime soon. It had a really long flowering time and I prefer smoking the Dr Grinspoon. I just wish the flowering time was shorter...

Enough talk:




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So I gave this blueberry a nice fat dose of fish Emulsion today. This is about the biggest I've got plant indoors since I upgraded my light last spring. I have a 600 watt MH now. I really don't know how big I can let this girl get before I induce flowering.

I definitely want to take some clones so it'll be at least 10 days.


Also the Chocolope got a half dose if fish emulation.


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So I decided to take clones of a plant that has been in my Greenhouse for quite a while. I harvested it this last November but these were the parts of the plant that were not worth harvesting. I thought I I might re veg her but then had second thoughts and decided to take clones of her to grow indoors. It's a large long flowering plant and I don't think is worth growing again outdoors.

She started to mold. I harvested her early because of this:


Well I took some cuttings and watch them as best as I could. It seems like there's no mold left. I'm going to try to clone these:




All kinds of fun around here!

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So the Cheeses popped. I also may have gone a bit overboard with the seeds... I also planted a seed that I found in my Dr grinspoon that I grew outdoor last summer. I called it Dr X and have no idea of what to expect from it.

The other seed that I planned was one that was given to me today. It's called Pinkys Advice.


The N lights is looking good.

I might have broad mites. I'm not really sure...

Similar damage on the Chocolope:

A little sad looking after the transplant today but otherwise doing well. Chocolope:

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I found a rooted clone so I decided to switch the northern lights to flower. HPS bulb and a bit of leaf removal AND:

It looks bigger than any other plant I have grown indoors. I harvested three ounces once. It was a white widow from Kera seeds.

If I hit four ounces I'll be happy. I mean unless I can get more. I really don't know how much to shoot for...

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I move moved the rest of the girls to a 200 watt florescent.

They will be under a 12 on, 5.5 off, 1 on, 5.5 off. There is a name for it and can't remember. I have had good growing results with this light schedule. The growth seems to be the same as 18/6 and obviously the light bill is better.
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