Quest for mold-resistant strains, Hawaii outdoor greenhouse grow

Sweet Critical CBD in 5 gal. pot has been needing water almost every day.

I found her drooping again today and grabbed my phone and tripod.

I gave her a 2 gal. fertigation.

Here's a timelapse of 30 min. compressed into 5 seconds...

Greetings Growmies,

I decided to harvest the Blueberry yesterday, after about 5 weeks in flower... it was a wise move. Looks like I got her just in time. Senescence was just starting to set in, and I did see quite a lot of dead bracts, and a bit of dead spots on sugar leaves. I saw very little actual bud rot, and only just the start of it and not actual patches of it. So I would say this BB pheno is fairly bud rot resistant, and much more so than the Grape Ape pheno I recently harvested. That said, if I had waited another day or two, I could have lost most of the harvest. My next planting of the BB will be in 15 gal fabric.

Blueberry trichomes at harvest time... plenty of milky and just a tad of amber on the sugar leaves. These two shots show live stigmas; however, the majority were dead. Good resin production and fragrance.


Top colas of the Blueberry from last night's trimming. The work was fairly easy... just a little tedious due to necrosis here and there. I tossed some of the larf, but not because of bud rot... just necrosis. There were lots of completely clean large buds and fat popcorn. All in all, a fairly successful harvest.

I've got 6 blueberries running in my little tent DIY DWC at the moment. Waiting on the Fuel D.OG to finish before they can go in the tray. I planted all six seeds (two different freebie offerings from Seedsman). I have to pick the best four plants as I can only run four. I plan on running them a little different than normal. I tend to grow thickly/crowded on my screen. I will attempt to keep my tying down impulses under control and let them go more before making them go horizonal. My reasoning, thick leaved plants need more room between colas, thin leaved strains can be packed in tighter. I hope to see you there.

Blueberry Day One Veg.JPG

Blueberry mv to tuppdwc (2).JPG

1st picture Day 1, 2nd picture Day 0.
Funny, I've got some BB freebies as well, and White Widow. Will crack them soon. I've never grown WW before.

I got a good little bit of BB flowers, now drying. Really like the effect.
I may have to give White Widow another try. I have grown WW plants twice and was not impressed either time. The seeds were from "I Love Growing Marijuana", and I've since heard that some of their strains are questionable. My WW were shorter, and finished earlier. The buzz was okay, but the taste was unimpressive. I'll try a different breeder next time.
I may have to give White Widow another try. I have grown WW plants twice and was not impressed either time. The seeds were from "I Love Growing Marijuana", and I've since heard that some of their strains are questionable. My WW were shorter, and finished earlier. The buzz was okay, but the taste was unimpressive. I'll try a different breeder next time.
Funny, I've got some BB freebies as well, and White Widow. Will crack them soon. I've never grown WW before.

I got a good little bit of BB flowers, now drying. Really like the effect.
I grew a few WW freebies from Seedsman, and they were the second easiest grow I've had so far.
Took training like champs, and the effect was nicely strong. A little more sativa than I was looking for at the time, but didn't interfere with getting to sleep.
Greetings Growmies,

I harvested the Double Black Label CBG yesterday (aka DBL CBG). Unfortunately, it sat in a brown paper bag for a day because I was slammed with a work project. Alas, I missed the harvest window, and bud rot set in. At least I got enough buds to send a sample to the lab. It was a test run.

These CBG buds are very strange – similar to my legacy CBG pheno. I would describe them as light and fluffy, not dense. They're soft and pliable. The scent is very slightly cat piss/pine. There's virtually no noticeable resin like you'd find with a THC or CBD bud. You can handle them all you want and your fingers won't get the slightest sticky. It's like the trichomes are a dry powder. The way the bud rot set in was also very strange – although it was everywhere, it was usually very slight, and usually hidden inside the buds. Although slight, it was bad enough to throw away 95%. I was surprised by the extent of it. Then again, the plant was definitely in senescence, and I think dead bracts were the key that let in the bud rot. I'm planning to grow her again from a clone, in a 15 gal pot, over the summer.

Top colas from the DBL CBG, which was grown in a 5 gal pot. The pot was definitely way too small, especially for this time of year. 5 and 7 gal pots work fairly well here, but not during late spring and summer, when photosynthesis is high.

DBL CBG, tip of the top cola.

Weird white trichomes of DBL CBG. They're dry like a powder.

That's all folks...

Greetings Friends,

Here's another CBG report... I harvested my legacy CBG pheno yesterday and trimmed last night.

WOW... what an amazing harvest... from a compact plant in a 5 gal pot. Everything was completely clean, buds were big, all stigmas brown, and trichomes ready. Bud arrangement on the branches was perfect. Popcorn was fat. Trimming was a breeze.

This all makes me realize that the DBL CBG I reported on above... she was just not a happy plant. So, I've decided not to send the sample to the lab, and will grow her again over the summer in 15 gal. THIS ONE I do want to send to the lab! ... my best CBG harvest to date.

My legacy CBG pheno, top colas. I found no bud rot anywhere!


My legacy CBG pheno, top of top cola. This is virtually the only bud that had some white stigmas.

Colorized blow-up of dense trichome area in above photo, rotated right 90°. MORE trichome shots in my next post...

Yes, CBG plants can produce amber trichomes.
Increasing magnification as we descend into the realm of the trichomes...

see if you can spot this one...

Top cola of my legacy CBG pheno...


Flipped 180° for a better view as we descend...


can you see it now? just near dead center...



I'm wondering if the white trichomes are a hallmark of CBG strains. I've got a Le Cream going now that has the same white trichs. 🤔
I think so... both my CBGs show the stark white trichomes. They're different than the milky ones of THC and CBD plants. My legacy CBG pheno is a compact plant, whereas the DBL CBG is tall.


Yeah, I noticed them on mine and thought they looked a bit odd, but in a good way! :laughtwo:

Maybe something to do with the CBG cannabinoid itself.
My legacy pheno tested zero THC and zero CBD... below detectable level. I would love to get a terpene analysis of it sometime, but later when I have my temp & RH controlled drying room set up.

The terpenes are way different, too. DBL CBG smelled like very faint cat piss and pine. My legacy pheno smelled wonderful while I was trimming, and hard to describe. I kept getting the idea of champagne. Some whiffs were almost alcoholic. Slightly earthy. Slightly floral. But I've gotta say, I was high on HI-BISCUS at the time, and there were super fragrant Hawaiian flowers in the room.🌺 :laughtwo:
Greetings Growmies,

This will be my last post for maybe a month. We are into the prime weather for outdoor work, and I've got tons of work to do on my land. Have a great July and take care.

Today in the veg house. These are my first two plants for the summer season, in 15 gal fabric pots. The mulch layer is coco coir. Left is a DBL CBG clone. Right is a Blueberry clone. They will both get topped.

Some scrappy looking clones coming along. They've started forming roots, but not ready to make the leap to 1 gal. The important ones are the three in the 2nd row, which are HI-BISCUS. I only have one HI-BISCUS mother right now, and she's not doing very well – dunno why. HI-BISCUS is my #1 bud rot resistant plant. The little pots in the front are freshly planted seed w/ tails: 4 White Widow and 1 Blueberry. I'm looking forward to growing out the WW for the first time.

In the flower house today – recently pruned Sweet Critical CBD clone in a 5 gal pot. She's sort of an odd, sprawling plant that's root bound. She was going to just be a clone mom, but I decided to flower her out. Buds are just starting to form.

A little Seedsman 30:1 CBD clone in 5 gal, coming along. Also a clone mom that I decided to flower out.

Humboldt Dream clone in a 7 gal pot, untopped, getting close to harvest time. She's a scrappy plant that's suffered a lot from leaf spot mold. But the buds are doing very well and smelling great. This is my #2 plant for bud rot resistance.

Humboldt Dream = Blue Dream x Purple Panty Dropper

Humboldt Dream

Humboldt Dream

Greetings Growmies!

I'm just poking my head in here tonight for a quick update. I've decided to continue my break from the forum... still trying to make progress on my land projects, and keep up with my income-earning work as well. Sept/Oct is my last chance at good weather to get lots of stuff done.

Anyway... here's an update on my plants in veg and flower. In general, all is good, but I have noticed a curious slow-down in rate of growth. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I have some theories. The main theory right now is that, because I recycle my soil over-and-over, that I have inadvertently made some batches too high in coco coir. I have one plant in flower right now, in 15 gal, that was suffering until I realized this and started fertigating much more than usual. Another factor is that summer temps in the veg house have been getting rather high, i.e. well outside the optimum range for cannabis. Today it was 93°F in there, in the shade. Fortunately, there were some nice breezes today as well. One other theory I have is that I started adding kelp meal to my custom soil mix a few months ago, so perhaps there's too much sodium. I have already started making adjustments as best I can. The funny thing is, the plants look quite healthy – they just don't grow very fast. It's weird. Something is telling me calcium is a factor in all this. I'm starting to give some solution grade calcium as well.

I have kept all my best phenos going as clones – haven't lost anything. Indicas, sativas, hybrids, CBDs, and CBGs.

In the veg house today. Tall one in the center, background is White Window from seed, in 7 gal. pot – my first grow of WW. On the left is a small clone mom of my legacy CBG. Center, foreground is HI-BISCUS in 15 gal, and behind that HI-BISCUS in 7 gal. On the right (tall one), is Grape Ape in 15 gal – just getting started after too long being in 1 gal. And the little girl in the back, right is Seedsman 30:1 CBD in 7 gal. I grew the 30:1 over last winter and harvested in spring – it's a nice sativa-leaning CBD, and tested out around 12% CBD.

The White Widow from seed, in 7 gal. pot. This was the strongest pheno out of several that popped. So far, she's just an amazing plant all around. Very nice fragrance already, as well – like subtle coffee.

Humid nights and hot, dry days. Fortunately, some nice breezes off the ocean as well. This is my temp/RH meter today in the shaded cloning station in the veg house.

Latest batch of new clones, not ready yet to transplant to 1 gal. pots. I wait until roots emerge out the bottom. These made the transition a couple days ago to open air – I removed the humidity dome. I'm still misting them a couple times a day, because of the high temps.

Older clones in 1 gal. pots. On the far left is a Blueberry. The 3 small ones toward the right, foreground, are my #18 CBD pheno – a bit difficult to clone, but they're coming along... been cloned for many generations. Various other clones, including Humboldt Dream. The bigger ones will be transitioned soon to larger pots, either 7 or 15 gal., to be flowered. Or they'll become clone moms in 5 gal.

Blueberry in 15 gal., in the flower house today. This is the one that's borderline an unintentional coir grow! She's doing just fine – just needs a lot of fertigation. Flowers are coming in and bracts are starting to swell.


Blueberry flower.

DBL CBG in flower, in 15 gal. She's experiencing some leaf spot and yellowing – not sure what that's about. If this turns out a good harvest, I will send a sample to the lab for cannabinoid analysis. This one could hit high teens or even 20% CBG.

DBL CBG flowers.

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