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Seedsman Comparision Grow: CPK & Dr. Seedsman


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Just remembered my baby seedsman onyx auto and white berry auto next to my seedsman whitewidow.. got my own little.seedmsan grow on suddenly lol

And while im on it, i have some seedsman store credit and looking for some new strains, any recommendations on flavas peeps? :48:


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I'm going to drop all ten haha run em all through and pick a winner from each. If there's two really cool phenos like the fruit punch I had I'll keep both.
That will b a awesome plan

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Does anyone have a theory or evidence for the optimal time to harvest CBD?
Great question. I think I remember reading that cloudy trichs is the time. Waiting for amber isn’t beneficial like it is with THC.


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Good question @BobbyZ !

I've found this article interesting...but I dont think we are able to test so frequently the CBD content as adviced there!

Anyway I'll look at trichome heads and pistils colours....

Weekly testing of CBD content can inform the grower of when harvest should be initiated. This is in addition to the required THC test with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. While some of the tests for CBD, cannabinoids, terpenes, pesticide residue, mold, and heavy metals can cost as much as $300 the return on investment can be significant. For example, if 1000 lbs of biomass will be harvested on one acre the difference between harvesting when the crop is at 6% CBD versus when the crop is at 7%CBD is equivalent to 10 pounds of CBD oil. Current prices for CBD oil are $5 per gram. With 454 grams per pound, a 1% discrepancy in CBD content on one acre can be a $20,000 crop value difference. Growers need to test frequently to make the right decision regarding harvest timing.

Read more at: How to Harvest and Dry Hemp for CBD Production


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Yeah.... fuck it right... lol

I'll start this show!

The original "Temple of Bloom" is back up & running.... Stand TF by. LoL

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Sweet P!! Bobby’s cracked open in like 24 hours, I’m excited to see how fast yours sprout too!! Seedsman seeds seem to pop nice and fast. :love:
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