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Day 24 --- Well, things aren't improving much. One set of leaves has become decrepit and look pretty bad. Not sure what the problem is. Any ideas? She has shown good new growth, who knows if the new growth will stay healthy or not. The stems on all the older leaves look really deep red. I started giving her a very low dose of growth nutes, but I don't think that's the cause. Perhaps I should be giving her stronger nutes? My temps are consistent, though there is about a 18F-degree swing between night and day (usually about 70-88F). If things continue to go downhill, I don't know. Maybe I'll start a new see. Thanks, everyone!

Day 26 --- After topping, the new growth is taking off and looking healthy (knock wood) so far. The older growth is more or less staying the same...except the third set of leaves, which are drying up and dying. From the looks of it, the only diagnosis I could guess was a phosphorous deficiency. No idea if that's the case. But I will try and amend my feeding with a tiny bit of extra P next time, hopefully it'll be enough to get her right and prevent the new growth from getting weird. Also started training her. My plan is to take the two new tops and train them around opposite sides of the pot. We'll see how it goes. Thanks everyone!

Herby --- I have just started giving her nutes. Right now I am using the BioBizz line (a little BioGrow and BioHeaven for now). The FFOF soil I am using has some nutrients in it, I thought perhaps that was part of my problem. I do not plan to transplant. Going to leave her in the 1 gal pot for life since its in a small space.

Henry --- The light does seem to do a good job of keeping things fairly short. No complaints so far. I've only ever used the LED, though I think if I started my seedlings in a more neutral soil and with a different light I might have better results :/

Thanks for checking in!
Well if youre soil does have nutrients you definately shouldnt be feeding nutes yet, more n likely whats gone wrong, just water for say 4-5 weeks, shud last veg time, but if u see the plant beginning to look a lil pale then feed. Big mistakes of a new grower is to over feed n I believe you may of just done that. We learn from our mistakes though. mayb next time start in a small cup n transplant to a bigger which will give u some mew nutes in the soil used to transplant with. You wont even need the grow, although I think with biobizz u might need grow in flower, think they use both

Do you have a ph pen?? I can get away with not needing one because I have a tryed n tested routine dialled in with my water etc n I know I dont get problems but for someone whos just beginning they can come in useful in times like these
now you got a problem the way id try and fix it would be a weak grow solution phd to 6.5/7 flushed thru the pot until the run off is reading 6.5/7. Without a ph pen your flying blind im afraid. Best thing to do if you dont have one is to not over do it, let the plant recover, jus give water when shes drying out n just leave it to recover on its own, I usually find this is best but you need a ph
Thanks for the tips herb. I do keep track of the pH and all is good there. I have given my girl one small feeding of low-dose nutes so I don't think overfeeding is the problem. The issues I'm having started before I fed her anyway, so I think maybe starting the seed in FFOF was perhaps problematic. I'll try something different next time and see if that makes a difference :) Cheers!
Hey pallo hope you don't mind me stopping by. Quick observation, cut those drying leaves off because the plant is wasting energy trying to heal itself. One more thing is that FFOF is pretty hot. My buddy likes FF but he mixes 1 part ocean forest with 1 part happy frog. He's having some good results this season. Good luck keep growing and keep learning. It will get easier
Its not really over feeding its the collection of damn I cant remember what it is, salts or something, been along time since I graced a forum, mayb someone who knows more could fill you in. This will cause a lock out of some sort. Id defo mayb try a diff soil next time but just from asking what ph is youre water. As cy said to cut the leaves off I find if I do this when I got a def then it starts effecting the next set of leaves, so I tend to keep em on until I know the plant is on its way to recovery
either way id more n likely mix up quarter strength grow n flush her thru so you know whats in the soil and wash out the problem. I could be wrong but then again I very rarely have a def in veg, if it happens to me its in flower. Anyoneelse who knows more got tips? n whats the run off ph?
I actually flushed her out yesterday, just to make sure there wasn't anything extra in the mix. Probably won't feed again until I know the new growth is good. Runoff pH is consistent at about 6.3-6.5.

Cy --- thanks for stopping by! I think mixing the FFOF with something else like you mentioned is a good idea, definitely going to give that a shot next grow.
Day 28 --- The new growth looks good and is starting to take off after topping, but the largest set of leaves is starting to display some bad signs. Take a look. I'm hoping all of the newer growth will stay healthy. I did pluck off two leaves that were dead. Any thoughts on if I should trim off the other leaves that look bad? I think it's probably a mixed bag of opinions on that one. Would love any thoughts. I flushed her out good a couple days ago so I'm hoping that will help the newer growth but I guess we'll see. Probably have to water her tomorrow, and I plan to stick with just pH'd water for now. Thanks again everyone!

That one leaf which is entirely yellow n crinkled take off, if its got a lil green keep it on. As I said new growth doesnt show the effects of a deficiency its only old growth on most. As it grows itll start attacking the lovely green leaves its just grown. Hang with it buddy, lets see if leaving the plant will help it out. If you leave water ph always rises a couple of points, in the pot or whereever it is, a good point to remember. Question, are you having to adjust the ph of youre water before feeding it them
Pallo if you have access to an aloe vera plant mix 2 tbl sp. Of fresh gel with 1 gal of water. Give her a foliar spray right before lights out. Aloe will boost the plants immune system. You can also water the plant with it. U have to use the mixture within 20 mins.
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