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Day 31 --- I trimmed off the dead leaves that were hanging on, and after treating with aloe vera as Cy suggested (thanks again Cy), I think she may be on her way to health. I am starting to train the branches back towards the other side of the pot. I'd like to fill in the whole area before I move into flower (I am working in a pretty confined space), but we'll see. Still going to keep watering with plain water for a little while still until everything is fully recovered.

definately looking alot better than she was for sure, next time you tie, make sure you put a tie to the opposite side of the pot your tieing to, this will keep the stem upright

Herb :yummy:

Can still see some def on the fan leaf, is that new?
Gd choice, if they have green on them then its best to leave on the plant. New growth never shows deficiency only on one or two types of plant illness, as the plant grows it then attacks the new growth. I believe the plant is looking better n the mild flush you gave her definately helped along with the aloe v. Best now to do as youre doing and let her do her thing.

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Day 35 --- Things are continuing along slowly. The growth on this one are behind schedule ... by day 30 of veg on my last grow (exact same setup) I had a full pot of dense, healthy green leaves and this one continues to sputter. Some of the leaves are starting to yellow slightly and I see little yellow and brown pinhole spots starting...which is what happened to all of the other leaves that yellowed and died and that I trimmed off. So I'm not optimistic. The oldest growth (towards the center of the pot) is already more yellow in general (its hard to see in the pics), and isn't growing very fast. Not sure what to do. I am torn between just putting her into flower now and taking what I can get (if she makes it), or abandoning her altogether and starting over with new seeds and a new approach to soil, etc. Thanks everyone for hanging in there with me! I'm learning a lot from everyone here.

How dare you say sucha thing, abandon her!! You will not Sir! lol, but seriously dont ever give up, these plants can be totally different from day to day. If you feel things are not right (a good sign your in touch with ya plants) then I suggest a mild flush, definately if shes yellowing. 6.5/7ph`d half strength nute/water mixture. Id say double the size of the pot so 1 gallon pot put 2 gallons thru her of mixture. When youve done that see how she is tomoro

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You're both right, I can't abandon her. :) I will give her a few more days and then put her into flower and see how it goes. Fingers crossed! Some of the older leaves are starting to show some bad signs, and I am still seeing a lot of red stems. Even the main stalk has red streaks. I havent been giving any nutes for the past couple of weeks, so I am going to start with a diluted dose and see if that helps. As I move into flower, I will give normal flowering nutes.
Here we go, Day 1 of Flower --- I left her in the dark for about 30 hours to make the switch, then fed her with a regular dose of flowering nutes. I'm hoping the new schedule plus feeding with regular nutes will bost her health and growth. Time will tell! Some of the older leaves are displaying a small amount of rusty spotting, but doesn't seem quite as bad. Poor girl has had a rough start, so hopefully she keeps powering through. I've had her in FFOF soil since the beginning, which seems like it was maybe too hot of a soil to use for a seedling...but...would it make a difference if the soil was old? I think the soil I used has been sitting in an open bag for probably six months, in an outdoor (hot during the summer) storage garage. I just ahd that thought...I wonder if something weird happens to the soil if it sits open for a while. Anyway, thanks for checking in everyone! 1love :love:

Flower Day 4 --- She seems to be doing well, the new growth is staying green and the old growth doesn't seem to be getting much worse. I fed her with a solid dose of nutes and she seemed to respond well. For now, I am alternating between feeding and watering. Maybe I'll go 2 feeds then 1 water. Looking forward to some exciting growth as she enters her "stretch," here's hoping she hits a real growth spurt!

your girl looks good mate. some plant magic plus evolution spray would be nice for her at veggie stage, i used that stuff on my plant too, it works pretty well :D
Lookin good glad you stayed with it. Its all a big learning experience and you'll be a better grower after making it through some adversity. Keep it up.
Day 16 Flower --- Pistils are showing, she is showing continued decent growth. Not sure how much larger she'll grow. We'll see! I'm curious if anybody has any thoughts on what do do about some of the lower nodes that show puny growth. Does anybody trim those bud sites off (not the fan leaves)? Curious if it's worth it if they aren't going to grow into decent buds. Thanks!

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