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I'm here, I'm here! Thanks for bearing with me everyone, and thanks for the reps Black!

I've been away for a little while, and may have made a mistake while I was away but nothing fatal thankfully. I wasn't able to check on my plant for about four days, so before I left I gave her a good flush with clean ph'd water. I figured that would be a good idea---saturate her as much as possible---but in retrospect I think it was a mistake because it basically flushed out a lot of nutrients. By the time I got back she was very thirsty---extreeemely droopy and many of the lower leaves had withered or yellowed.

So here I am on flower day 23...She survived and seems to be doing okay. I trimmed off some of the withered leaves and parts of leaves. I gave her a good feeding when I got back---she perked back up and hopefully the yellowing shouldn't be getting any worse. A small percentage of the pistils have turned a little brown already, not sure if that is natural or due to thirst. Hopefully I didn't stunt my yield or hurt her too bad. I will include some pics below! As always, thoughts and advice always welcome.

Maybe I shoulda gave her a little aloe vera like before :)

It looks good pallo. You successfully made it through some adversity, and now it looks like she'll reward you with some good smoke. If I knew how to give reps, I'd hit you with some. Keep it up.BTW, you can hit them with aloe anytime 1 to 3 times a week. Aloe also has a growth hormone in it to go along with its magical healing powers.
Looking good my friend. I wouldn't worry about the 2-toned leaves. Its some sort of mutation that happen in plants. I've seen it before, and it doesn't effect the plants. Sometimes the leaves will turn half puprple, or even white. I do see a little browning at the tip of your leaves. This could be a slight nutrient burn or maybe a potassium issue. Either way, I am to believe that your plant will be fine. Maybe next grow you can up the pot size a bit to a 2 or 3 gal pot. Larger pots are slightly more forgiving when it comes to watering and feeding your girls. Good job bro!!
Flower Day 36 --- Over the past couple of days a lot of the pistils have turned orange and trichome production is up. I gave them a close look with a loupe and they are about 75% cloudy, 25% clear. Not sure how much longer they've got, but the seed bank suggested they flower for 9-10 weeks, but not sure if it'd be shorter for such a small plant. Anyway, she seems to be doing good, I am feeding her on a schedule of nute-nute-water, one feed/water about every two days now. Any tips for the last phases of flowering greatly appreciated! 1love!

During the final phase of flower, you'll want to hold off on the nutes for about that last 2 weeks or so, to flush away the excess nutes. This will give you really clean smoke.
Nice work man. I know the feeling of just wanting to scrap it and start over and just like you I let time do the talking. I'll for sure stay in tune with this grow. Way to bring her back:passitleft:
OG---Thanks man, yeah I am glad I stuck with her. Should never have doubted. She has come back strong :) Thanks for stopping by!

Cy---Agreed, I think its about time to cut off nutes and start watering for the last two weeks. I'm into week 7 now, so the timing feels right. Getting so close!

Day 45 Flower --- I am going to try and get some better pictures in the next few days, I feel like these just don't do her justice, but take a look. I tried to get some close-ups of the trichomes, but they aren't the greatest. In any case, she is plumping up nicely now, the white pistils just keep coming. Trichomes are more couldy than clear, and some signs of ambering have begun to show in some places. I will keep a close eye on it, but I'm thinking I am about two (or less) weeks out from harvest. So, no more nutes now. I will give her a flush a few days before harvest and leave her in the dark one/two days before.

A random question for everybody: I am currently selling my house, and while my PC traps a lot of the odor, she still definitely smells a bit. I have air freshners near her, but it only covers up so much. I am going to have people (they could be anybody!) coming through the house periodically over the next few weeks so I'm trying to figure out what to do with my girl when I have visitors. Nobody knows I am growing her, so I can't leave her with a friend. I was thinking about just taking her out of the PC and putting her in an air-tight 5-gallon bucket for an hour or two here and there...will this kill her? I was thinking something air-tight might be the only way to keep her secret. Anyway, any thoughts would be appreciated. Anybody else ever had to deal with this? Thanks in advance!

I'm stoked for you dude!! You plant looks great! Glad you stuck with her, and am sure that you learned a lot from this grow. It's only going to get better from here.:goodjob:
Thanks for hanging in there everybody, I've been gone but now I'm back. Here are a few pics of my harvest. In the end, I wound up with about 15g of dried bud. Not too bad for my doomed little plant. I've previously gotten a full ounce out of this same setup before, so I'm looking forward to the next one. Thanks again everyone for all of your awesome advice and help along the way! 1love to you all! Peace!

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