The VipersNest Continuous

Veg tent


2.5 weeks out

abit of yellow because i am hitting them hard atm they can take it ther strong bitches lol
Lookin good as always Pit 2 and a half weeks and there will be sore fingers but I don't mind them sore if its from trimming and some waiting in the wings to start it all over it don't get much better than that :)
Thanks all, should be harvesting every 4 weeks till Dec. that how i have it set to go. ill start all the new seedling in about a week the god bud and that batch.It will be hell need to hire trimmers.have a kick ass hash party think i have 6 pounds of trim in the frig atm.after all of the new harvest dec. ill make a big old brick of black hash.that a good present for whoever wants to stop in for the hollidays.HO HO HO.I also have 2 more thousand watters sitting on the floor ill get them hung put 4000 watts in the bloom room that should kick them up a knotch.looking at water coolers now for the lights so i can go back to a closed system.gets to hot atm i am vented outside.I want to go back to a closed system for the CO2.My only option now is to water cool.In the end it will all work out.Talk to you all soon ;)
Hey Pit!! Your setup is awsome!! You are doing exactly what I want to do when I grow up!! I wish I could be there for the trimming party!!! :love:

I am growing in soil my next grow. I was thinking about going with the airpots. My plants will stay in the same room from seed to harvest. Have you tried them before? I see your great results with the hard sided pots. I am just curious as to why you prefer them? You obviously have great results!! :Namaste:
Closet Farmer....Just cleaning, and heat transfer you will water more. also durablity. cheaper on nutes. everything that is made will grow plants.Thats why ther are so many flavors of icecream it depends on what you like, everyone has different taste, on how they like to grow ther garden.with all the soils,Nutes.and hydro systems lights and everything else that drives the machine.we all need to find our own nitch on what we like.I do jump around abit but that is a money thing.The more money i have ill buy better nutes and soil.If i am hurt that month ill go with cheaper nutes and soil or coco.But i have used all the media i buy before so i know the pros and cons.I would love to buy biobizz allmix and nutes all the time but cost just wont let i have some cheaper fall backs.They may not be as good but you can come close if you play your cards right.

Can't wait for the harvest pics!
I read a few posts back that you were looking into water cooled lights? I ran some fresca sols a while back and it was a freakn headache. One timer or pump fails it can burn down ur Neighborhood. I highly sugest u get the shut off switch for your lights so if the pump fails or doesnt come on ur light wont come on and melt eveything including ur house. You have always been VERY good at what you do so hopefully I can see what a setup like that in the right hands could do. I ran into some issues with the way te light is filtered by the water. The plants started destroying all the cal/mag I could dump in the res. Great work pit!
Thought I'd drive thru and see what ya got going on. Looks like your still cranking them out. You should try some plants called Vantage. They finish up at 49 days- 52 days. Great smoke and one hella producer. up to 4 Oz's a plant. Can't beat it. GL Keep em Green
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