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Typical cost of Cannabis across the world


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Price dropped in Canada when it became legal, Oz anywhere from 100-220 depending how good it is. The government stuff is way to expensive and comes packaged in crazy amounts of plastic not to mention it’s usually dry as all hell. I bought it threw legal means once just to say I did it but I’m not really a fan of mass produced cannabis.
yeah the canadian gov is selling grams like some punk in the school yard. it's just sickening that they price it by the gram and how much it costs. unreal.

but even worse is i just found out a guy in my town has been selling oz for $300 LMAO. a couple guys i went to school with were telling me about it, i felt sorry for them and gifted them each an oz lol.

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Grow Journal of the Month: June 2020
This needs to go back to old days of weed . Gas was 19 cents a gallon and weed was $45 for a kilo . In 1971 we drove 400 miles just to buy one kilo and bring it back home and just stuff 10 baggies full for $10 bucks each and smoke the rest . Was always some badass weed . Every one would put in an order then they would bring it over the river for you . Went to this same spot till 77 it had gone up to $65 a kilo by then and was tooo dangerous to do anymore! Then it was Columbian weed the taste was awesome but it was $25 an ounce loved it and still bought it . By the time the 80’s came around it was a cattle farmer in Oklahoma growing it for $175 a pound till he got busted in 83 , couldn’t afford to feed his cattle till he did this ! Now to date in Texas weed is $200 1/4 pound for Mexican!


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Hey guys, I'm new here.
I come from a country that cannabis isn't exactly legal. I've been medicating for a very long time.
I prefer cannabis over the pills I'm prescribed. Which cost an arm and a leg in comparison.
The problem is always the availability here.

So I've decided to try and grow my own. I've never been successful getting past tiny sprout.

I'm growing in the attic of my house. Grow lights and outdoor aren't really an option for my situation.
I have placed the medium and sproutlings by the window with a plastic over the pot. I have some vermicast coming in the mail.

I live in a tropical place with plenty of humidity, currently at 56% with no drastic changes.
The spot i had placed the pot is by the window where it can get plenty of mid day sunlight.

I'm trying to research good tips and food for my soon to be plants. All I've been seeing are fertilizers and food specifically for cannabis. Unfortunately I have no acces to such products. I was wondering if anyone can recommend generic store kinds.

I'd appreciate any advice to help me get to the harvest stage of my grow.


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In some villages here in Alaska it’s 50 dollars a gram, and those grams aren’t even a full gram, more like .5 XD but where I’m at it’s 20 dollars a gram.
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