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420BudzFreak Is Back To Play! Journal 5, RDWC & LED


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Hello 420 world! I'm back for my 5th journal on this wonderful forum!

Here we go! Long story short, I started 3 plants that I planned on moving outdoors in the spring. It got a bit late in the season and the plants were taking their sweet time to grow. They ended staying inside, in the 2x2 tent under 24 hour light. I've got them growing nicely right now and 2 will remain as mothers. Here's a shot of them when they were hurting. Much better now (Ill add in a picture tonight). The third will be donated to a friend. Ill take clones from the mothers and get to rooting them for the big tent.

On to the big tent, 4x4x7 to be exact. I have it all cleaned out and ready to rock. Last run ( you can have a look at my journals in my sig.) I ended up with 19oz cured. It turned out really well. Lets see if I can beat that number this time!!

A little about the set up!
Tent - 4'x4'x7'
Lights - 3 x 250w (at the wall) LED grow lights. 2 x "daylight" 1 x "blurple"
RDWC - 2 plant system made by me. 3 x 5 gallon buckets. 2 buckets are grow stations, 1 is a res buffer. Res is about 15 gallons. so The system sits at roughly 27-28 gallons.
Fans - One 200cfm exhaust fan at the top, one pc fan for air movement, one 16" oscillating fan for air movement and one 100cfm fan for intake.
Nutrients - Very simple one part. Ill go into this more later.


Thanks for stopping by! Ill update this as much as I can and with lots of pictures. Let me know what you think and check out my older journals!

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Hey Budz, good to see you back. I'll be the first to pull up a chair
Hey brother! Hope you're well. Thanks for stopping by, Should be fun! Lets see if I can beat my last number. Ill stop by your journals soon and see whats going on in your world. Happy Growing dude!


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Looks good dude. 19oz for that last run was a good haul. Glad to hear all is well. I'm gonna stick around for this one
Thanks for stopping by brother! It was an awesome haul, still enjoying it very much lol. Ill take some pics of the cloner and put them up tonight!
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