Scrogdawg's Banana Kush Feminised, In RDWC Under QB288 LED's


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Day 23 veg for the Banana Kush plants. All 4 are doing well. Did a res change yesterday and increased the EC to 1.4 (700ppm). Also thinned out the fans and removed a lot of the lower ones. These kush have big fan leaves, it's going to be hard to leave enough fans on the plants for healthy growth and still get light below the canopy. I've got the lights dialed back to 600 ppfd.








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Looking good. How long are you planning to veg them for SD? I was going ask if you’ve made any ice hash with your GG#4 trim as well? Interested in the yield after seeing yours and GT’s.

Guy Cavallero

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The kush are looking killer Scrog! In the midst of my learning curve, I realize now the reason for your 2" trunk line. I can never open up my valve on my main feed line from my res to my pump as I'll drain my res in about 15 seconds lol. All 60-70 litres, and you know where all that waters going dont you, lol.

I'm planning an addition onto my grow room. I'll be running 2 separate 100 L systems. @Scrogdawg, where is your feed pump and what size are your top fees lines?

Guy Cavallero

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Man your setup is tidy AF! I really dig it :thumb:
100%, very envious.

I've taken some screenshots, I was hoping you'd put up a few pics LOL. Thanks @Scrogdawg! I wonder if my neighbors wonder what I'm doing in the backyard all the time..... Especially at -20.

Hey, did you get a Canadian source for the Z7? I've got one if you didnt.....LMK.

Guy Cavallero

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Feed pump is in my reservoir @Guy Cavallero . The pump is 550 gph and my lines are 3/4".




Love the Simplicity, I wonder if my 1000 GPH pump would do all 8 of my buckets? The 3/4" line seems to make a lot more sense, but let me ask you about the return line..... Why is there a loop in the upwards Direction?
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