Scrogdawgs 4 X GG#4 In RDWC Under Timber 480SAMS LED

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edit,, oh,, you been notified,, already,,
Has a strong aroma JM, not foul by any means though. Very much unlike anything else I've grown.

I'll get the microscope out tomorrow and check some trichs. Its awful close to flush time.
Day 54 Flower.

Changed out the reservoir on the GG#4's yesterday. Started the flush with 80L of RO water and 380ml of clearing solution. PH is at 5.5 as per the clearing solution directions. EC is at 0.08 (40ppm).

jan20 a.jpg
jan20 b.jpg
jan20 d.jpg
jan20 e.jpg
jan20 c.jpg

The 4 Banana Kush clones have been in the areocloner for 5 days now and all seem to be doing OK. They will be for my next rdwc run and should be ready in about 3 weeks.

jan20 f.jpg

The Banana Kush mother is growing again after taking the cuttings. I'll let her go and take another half dozen cuttings from her to clone then I'll probably send her to the grave. I don't need the clones but I'm sure I can find some people that will take them when they're ready.

jan20 g.jpg

And finally, I dropped 1 Sunwest Genetics BubbleGum Auto seed into a cup of water late yesterday. It sank overnight and I'll put in a wet paper towel this morning.

jan20 h.jpg
Wooh man awesome vid update and those flowers look very special SD :goodjob: gonna be a helluva trim job haha! How long did you veg? The branching and trunk size are just crazy!
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