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Facing Change

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Years back a friend had to buy 3 boxes of the old Blue cut corner Zig zags because they stopped making them. Now he is almost out. I have been using the ZZ 1 1/4's for as long as I can remember. A box runs around $45. They have dropped the leaf count down to 34 in a book. Recently I found Bob Marley 1 1/4 hemp papers at $24 a box with 50 papers in each book. That's a lot of extra papers for half the price. New papers work fine. Different yes but not enough to notice. Never thought I would say this but I'm done with ZZ's


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Similar story with my wife. She loves EZ-Wider old style but hates the new ones claiming their Chinese and too thin. She drives all over trying to find the original as she hates other papers.

Personally - papers don't really taste too different to me and I usually smoke through a vape.


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Reminds me of the night my girlfriend wouldn't stop pestering me because I stole her favourite pillow, the 'special comfy one with the red pillowcase'. When she had her back turned I just switched the pillowcase onto another pillow. Everything was right with her world again after that. The end.
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Took a long time to find this thread I started. Found out. I talk a lot of shit about a lot of shit LMAO. Okay here is why I am bringing it back. While I sure like the price of the Bob Marley papers. They are not better then my old stand by 1 1/4 Zig Zags. That orange pack has been with me a long time. Still at twice the price I just can't justify it. Cheaper papers work well enough to get by. I need to start looking around to see if I can get quality at a good price. The Bob Marley papers just don't burn well. Burn is probably the most important to me. Any paper I choose will be thin enough that flavor won't be a problem. I have used Top rolling papers and not died but still choose to use thinner papers lol. So the challenge of 1 1/4 papers is on.

As of now the contenders are
Bob Marley
Zig Zag. (Green)
For hemp based papers. I included the Zig Zag's for quality control. Price will always be a issue with them. Don't know of others try but I am not a fan of hemp papers yet so why. Maybe someday they will improve.

Origanol Zig Zag's (Orange)
Extra Thin Zig Zags 9Silver)
OCB 1 1/4
These are the rice paper contenders. This is probably where I find the winner. I like the idea of hemp based products but have found burn rate issues with them. It not like they are de-harvesting rice fields LMAO. No need to make ingredient's a issue.

I plan to find a couple more along the way and am interested in suggestions. With the internet I can get almost any paper made. Supply and access make it easy to choose anything you want. I will keep you all updated along the way. Not going to be Hemp papers though LOL. Already tested the Zig Zag Hemp papers. While better then the Marley's price is the same as the regulars. Rice has been the best rolling papers for 1000's of years so it probably still is. Some wheels don't need to be reinvented.
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I haven't did the exact math but it doesn't look good. Orange Zig Zag 1 1/4 go for around 40$ or so for a box of 25 books with 34 papers each. Most others are in the 25$ for the same amount of books but with 50 papers each. At 5 to 8 joints a day it adds up on a fixed income. Price per paper does matter.
So no matter how I look at it Zig Zag's are not going to win. The whole plan was to lower the price.

Ended up trying another hemp paper yesterday. Forget the name. A friend said they were the best. They weren't. The Z.Z. hemp papers won out overall. The Marleys won out for price only. The B.M. papers are still the best "Deal" out there for hemp papers that I found.

Now the rice papers. So far the Elements are holding their own burn wise. Really thin papers but kind of slick for rolling with. They send a roller with them so maybe they are meant to be used with a roller. I don't to rolling machines. I say "don't" Never say "won't" that will bite you in the ass. Magnetic flap is cool and works. It is not needed and could have been left out to lower the price. Marketing is all about different though. It might help sales.

The thin Zig Zag's were thinner then the orange package which is nice. Can't say they burned better though. Seems the thinner they try to go the worse burn they end up with. No chance of winning so it is a mute point anyway.
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Starting with the OCB 1 1/4 today. I have known of these papers my whole life. My grandpa used the originals for his roll your own cigarettes . Back then the had no folds and no glue. Still great papers but the no glue thing was hard for joints that were passed around. Plus no 1 1/4 back then either.

The damn magnetic closure on the Elements is more of a pain then not. Good papers though
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And the winner is OCB. These are great papers. Not just good papers at a better price. These are not just the cheaper option which they are. They are the better option. I never expected to find a better paper at more the half the price. Better they are. At 25$ a box with 50 leaves per book you just can't beat these. They are thin burn perfectly, they are a little slick but no big deal. I really never thought Orange Zig Zags would fall from being my favorite paper

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I’ve been a Club user for as long as I remember. The lack of glue is a positive for me and I don’t have a problem with them coming lose and they burn very clean with no ash to speak of.
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The right papers will seal pretty well without glue. I know the old OCB did okay tell they were passed around for a while. It has been a month now and I still have not found problems with the new ones


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Garcia Vega green leaf cigars Is my choice. They are hard to find not the new ones made by game. Those suck I like the old school Cuba ones. I have a cigar dealer down the road. He buys cases of them for me. When there available. I’m not to big on papers. But is sat ez then zizzag then Randy’s Those was a great idea. Tops last those papers suck. I’m working on a method of using slightly dries fan leaves and rice sugar to make my own cigar raps.
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Tried the Raw a while back. I was still sold on Zig Zags then. I don't see changing any more as the OCB are the best I have tried.
As with everyone else. I'm convinced I am right so I won't change LOL.