First Time Grow - NL Auto Feminized - Crop King Seeds - 2015


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Strain: Northern Lights from Crop King Seeds - Feminized auto flower
70% Indica, 20% Sativa
Starting from seed. Germinated on the 23rd of September planted on the 25th.
Pot: 5gal Bucket
Medium: Vigoro all purpose potting soil
  • 4x 23w CFL bulbs 6500k
  • 4x 23w CFL bulbs 2700k
  • 4x 9w LED bulbs 5000k
Temps: usually around 27 degrees C
Humidity: 40-70 %
Ventilation: 110v fan for outtake, 12v pc fan for intake
Light Cycle: 18 on 6 off

Hi Everyone!
So i decided to grow a cannabis plant for some reason. I have never grow before but have been very curious so I thought I would try it out. Not necessarily expecting a lot from this. I'm more focused on learning from this experience.

Currently growing an NL auto fem. She sprouted on the 27 of September. She is currently under 2 23w CFL 6500k and 2 9w LED 5000k(is this alright ?). i will add more light later on.

However, She is looking a bit droopy and im not sure what is wrong. My guess is I over watered a bit?

This is her on the 27 of september

Her on the 29

the 30th


Do you think something is wrong or am i being paranoid?

I will continue to update this journal. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated :D


first, holy cow it must be the night of the noobs, new grows being set up everywhere. Dude definately something wrong but im at a lost as to what... think we need a more experienced grower in here who knows stuff. Could be overwatering but by looking at ya soil I wouldnt say so. It looks like she started well but has got worse, what have u done over the last 2 days?
She looks like she's been a little water logged. Just let the soil dry out a bit between watering, but not completely dry as the soil still needs to be moist. This will also aid in root development as roots will be searching for watering by growing instead of just being constantly wet and growing much slower. Also, you need oxygen to get to those roots as well. Next go around mix some perlite into the soil for better drainage.
I did add some water a day after she sprouted to keep it a bit moist but not that much. about 250ml of water. no nutrients. its ph was at 6.5. after that she seem to become more sluggish so I haven't watered since. its still a bit moist an inch down.
I dont use leds so im not clued up with them, any one think it might be the 2 diff type of lights. try switching one off for a few hrs see if anything changes, if not alternate to the other. Take the led out for a few hrs. You aint tugged at her or anything and mayb ripped the root?
I can take out the 2 led and just have 2 CFL in there for now, but is that enough light for the seedling? I haven't touched her since she was planted.
Seedlings dont need alot I think thats enough for now, obviously not enough for veg growth. Give it a go. Im clutching at straws tbh, n waiting for someone who knows more to come in n help. Give it a go, it wont hurt

you may just have a really weak seedling

Where was the water from? Your tap, did you leave it out to get rid of the chlorine? I dont but it dont seem to be a problem for me.
Hi, Hybrid! Welcome! It's a great hobby :)

I am not an experienced grower by any means, but I've been through the stage you're at now, at least. Let her dry out a bit, don't worry too much :) She's young and you're a nervous father/mother -- it's perfectly natural to worry about everything the first time :)

Does the potting soil you're using have time released nutrients? That may cause some more problems itself.

All the best!
The water did come from the tap. i let it sit out for an hour or 2 before putting it in the soil. The soil doesn't have time released nutrients. I took out the 2 LEDs for now and will give her a few days and see what happens.
well she is still growing so I guess that's a good sign. she still looks kind of sluggish to me. started falling over and was getting close to the ground so I used some sewing thread to hold her straight. Still under 2 23w CFL 6500k temps around 26 C and humidity at 45%
I Noticed a small bit of discoloration around the tip of 1 leaf but not really sure what it is.



Shes showing lots of new growth so that's good I guess. still seems a little depressed though. I don't know if im over watering or under watering...My humidity has been a little low. High 30s low 40s




I also noticed the back part of the leaves are curling together. My guess was heat stress ? my temps have been around 27 to 30 but i moved the lights away a bit anyway. They are more like 2 inches now

For a while I thought she was growing fine but something had to happen... .-. Again she doesn't look happy now and there is lots of discoloration at the tips of the leaves with them curling up. At first it was only 1 leaf so I thought I burnt it however it seems to be getting worse. She was watered a few days ago with no nutrients. It looks like a combination of nutrient and light burn but im just not sure .-. . here are a few pics




Once again any help would be great appreciated, Thanks

PS: she hasn't started flowering has she...... 0.0
Shes coming along alright. Not very big but that's to be expected. This grow was intended to be a stealth micro grow. It wasn't until the plant starting going into flowering that I became aware that a "Stealth grow" was no longer needed.

some of the stems are going a bit red. Not sure if its phosphorus deficiency. She has been fed 1/4 strength since flowering started until her last watering where I put it up to 1/2 strength.





temps are fine, humidity fine, pH fine.
Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

Been very busy lately. Plant was finally harvested. I guess it was a success considering that i didn't kill the thing. My thanks to everyone that helped me out. I looking forward to the next grow. Final yield is unknown as i realized I don't have a scale...

I forgot to take a picture of the plant before harvest but here are some anyways.








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