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Hi from Mrs LA


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Just wanted to say hey Mrs LA. It is very nice to see a couple working in the garden together! I have a family grow going here too... Dad, Brother, Aunt and my life companion, all share in the duties.... under my supervision of course, and Dad's helpful advice. Take care! ---Emmie


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welcome to where your ol man spends his free time, night addict

quality name by the way...

your other half has been an inspiration to most of us..so thankyou for being patient and understanding with LA....and letting him out to play so often....

now it's time to join in the yard play

hope you love it here........dunno if you partake, but this is for you and ya man :blunt::welcome:


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Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Night Addict, Happy Birthday to you! :cheer::goodluck::tokin::party::yahoo::allgood::37::48::happybday::happybday::woohoo:


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Welcome night Addict :circle-of-love:
Great to have you aboard :love:I only just found out that you arrived :21:
But I couldn't think of a better day to welcome you :happybday:and many more to come :Namaste:
All our love from me an my P :circle-of-love:


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Happppyyyyy Birthhddaayyyyyy Mrs. LA!!! Hope this finds you smilin & happy! :thumb:


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Well I'm obviously late for the birthday party but Happy birthday anyhow... Sooo does he even give you enough space in the tent to grow a single bean...:6: I know how they are...:11: I absolutely love your avatar and you will see why in a minute... It is a pleasure to meet you and I do honestly hope to be able to shake your hand someday... sooner rather than later....:circle-of-love:
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