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New grower/smoker from Belgium


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Hello growers,

I'm Overlander from Belgium, 33 years old and smoking herbs for two reasons: medical and lifestyle.
Since about 5 years I'm very interested in growing. This is the main reason for me to to find info on the net in dutch forums. Because I'd like to grow with LED, I was look for specific info about it, but on dutch sites some sponsors try to hide info for you because of the fact that they are the 'organisers' (read suppliers) off everything concerning cannabis and don't want you to buy stuff anywhere else.
So...after a litlle search on the net about good LED growlights, I found you guy's. THANKS!!!:goodjob:
Especially the znet lamps do interest me so firs I'll read som threads about it.....Hope a build/growing story will follow soon:Namaste:


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Welcome to :420: Overlander, the number one site on the internet for cannabis information and working towards and end to cannabis prohibition worldwide.

There are lots of journals going on that showcase and compare various types of LED lights. LED lights are a pretty hot topic nowadays. I just switched myself and couldn't be happier with the results. New Member Start Links also has a few other links that might aid you in your search. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for the introduction, and again :welcome:

:peace: :high-five:


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Thanks Pantagruel and Light Addict,

Great news.....Just orderd my Mars II 1200 W standard spectrum....

Now further looking for other stuff....
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