OG Kush & WWxBB Grow - Indoor Tent

Hi Rodgers glad to have you on board mine didn't come through at first I let the supplier know via email and they reposted for me.

There is also a company who has a breeder here in Aus so they send out within Aus so no customs. I'm not sure if they are a 420 sponsor southern star seeds.

What strains did you order?

All the best

Have you purchased from Southern Star Sneaky?
Yeah you're right - I just had a look at their website and they only do regular seeds. I'm thinking to grab a few beans off them and have a go. They look like they've got some interesting strains. I want good strains for making oil and other extracts. Got meself a Magical Butter machine a while back but only used it a couple times so far. You need close to an ounce of herb if you want to process using the MB machine, and I haven't yet produced an ounce or more from my pc grow. Hope to change all that soon - seriously thinking about updrading to a tent setup
I ordered feminized white widow strain from ministry of cannabis.

So I'm sussing out your white widow and see how it turns out. There are so many strains to choose from it bedazzled me. Hoping to grow mine in a space bucket. Just for personal use I'm sick and tired of hunting down people who can get it. So I figured fuck it why not just grow your iwn

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I had a few mishaps which really affected my WWXBB she didn't reacted well to nutes at all and I burnt her with my homemade reflector put her a month behind . I have some more seeds I'll pop next month for an outdoor see how they go with my new knowledge of them .

I had a couple of ounces from my outdoor made some butter and brownies wow fair to say I had too much they were just so yummy .

Yeah their strains look really good fair price for 10 packs and comes in standard post I just hate killing any plant but I'm interested in breeding down the track

Haha! Gotta be careful with them edibles when you make a new batch. Yeah, I've never done regulars before - with a stealth micro grow you want to maximise your time - can't be mucking around too much with male plants. I live in a little granny flat so space is at a premium. The only thing holding me back from getting a tent straight away is space but also less stealth than a pc grow. If anyone comes into my place the tent will obviously stand out and attract much more attention than a pc!
Coming along mate... Good stuff...
Time to count flowering as of today got pistils coming out of all bud sites pretty well now

Rip it off and see if it grows more.. Rip them off until it can't be controlled or get rid of it.... You don't want to let any flowers open up...

Hour after taking this photo she was in the bin...feeling for you mate, hopefully she's stressed and can kick out of it...
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