OG Kush & WWxBB Grow - Indoor Tent

It's an Aussie hermathon lately.. Damn heaters drying everything out..
Unless your 100% sure it was from stress, I wouldn't.. What's your humidity been sitting at? That's what sent my sour diesel herm, was at low end in 40's...
Do you not measure your humidity?
Almost out of my favourite smoke too I got a bit of my bedtime smoke left.

Was relying on this not to have to buy any havnt bought anything for months

Fems man all good

So if they're Feminised and yet still hermied, that would have to mean they were stressed in some way during flower right? Or could it also possibly be shitty genetics?

I'm curious cause I have about 10celcius swing between day and night due to the cold temps at the moment. Around 25-28 during the day and 14-16 at night, so similar to yours. Previous grows have had temps way above 30 celcius and even up to 40 when it was summer so I'm not sure if that rules out your temp stress theory or I should be more worried about my temps than I have been?
Not sure man but that's all I can put it down to unless it is a shit genetic.?!

Havnt touched them during flower unless she was stressed from the switch?

Hmmmm interesting. Maybe its just one of those anomalies that happen from time to time?
Sorry I'm not any help lol
I didn't give a dark period at all don't know hopefully no more sacs

I hope not too!

I'm quite concerned now as I will have to go away for 4 nights in a few weeks and don't think I'll have anyone to check on the girls in that time. I dont want to stress them right in the middle of bloom but I'm not sure what I can do
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