OG Kush & WWxBB Grow - Indoor Tent

Yeah, I like 60-70 for veg.. I try keep in 40's flowering If I can but some strains don't like going under 50.. I read that about sour diesels night before I found mine had, wish I read it the night before I put her into flower :rofl: look for other herms with your genetics, might be an indicator.. She also might have just got mixed up for a night and has reverted back once the balls were removed.
Are your seeds regular seeds Sneaky or feminised?
Sorry if that's a dumb question but I think I've read before that it can happen to feminised seeds if they're stressed too badly so wanted to ask

this happen to me and from feminised became male...i use the pollen and get 60% female autos seeds...big budhha cheese with big udhha blue cheese..similar strain but not same
My understanding is that seedlings and young vegetative plants actually enjoy a higher humidity - 40 - 60. So I doubt high percentages would stress your girl out very much, if at all.

maybe low temperatures at switched of...this happen to me before...similar temp...maybe some more when lights on..but in lghts of similar temperatures.

All three seeds germed all in cups now the wait to see them pop out and meet the sunshine

thats good...after me failure i put in cotton yesterday 4 different strains of autos...cant remember all names of strains...i am sure ther is a cheese-.a lowryder(somethin)-and 2 more...i will open a new thread for them...what i did his time is i have prepared the soil ..i believe its better soil..i use ph 6.5 to germinate and no 8.5 i did always..the weather and the timing is perfect for autos in my place and if everything goes well i will open a new thread with the four autos...good luck with ur new babies laidies....:thumb:
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