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Hello! I am from Canada and this is my first attempt to grow Cannabis. Since I am very new, I’d like to invite you to watch and comment as I attempt to replicate a youtuber’s ‘common man’s grow’. I’m only into week 3 of veg, and I’ve already got a list of mistakes to correct for the next grow. :)

Blue Dream hybrid 70% Sativa, 30% Indica
Bubba Kush 2.0 100% Indica
Fem seeds from HSO, germ’d 2 of each at 100% success.

So my girls are in veg, day 17. I’m not sure how long I will veg but probably 6-7 weeks.

This is an indoor grow, in a 4x4 tent. I initially started with a T8 light for veg, but since have started using a 600w MH with air cooled reflector. Running around 28-30 degrees Celsius (82-86 F) and RH of 43-50

I’m using Mo’Koko coco mixed with perlite (50/50).

Still 1 in solo cup, others in slightly larger pots I had laying around.

Trying to vary pH between 5.5 and 6.5, keeping the average around 5.9

Starting a water regimen, every 3rd day. Using tap water, floranova grow and Superthrive . Very little cal mag at points, will start silica blast soon, wish I had it already.

No Pests as of yet.

All 4 girls:

Bubba Kush 2.0:


And Blue Dream:

Well that’s it for now. Looking forward to sharing my journey and any feedback at all!

Welcome to the site. They look great. Blue dream is definitely one that I'll be running after my currents finish up.

Thanks @HugePeckerhead. I had very limited choice at the local hydro store, so it's really like a lottery for me. If they survive and produce, we'll see what I won!
Ideal ph for coco is 5.8 your not far off with an average of 5.9

Your plant that’s in the cup, looks to me as if it will need a new home soon. :thumb:

I'm in Ontario, @Backlipslide, hopefully you won't hold that against me =) Yes, I am thinking to go out and get a couple 1 gallon pots. I have a couple 10 gallons waiting in the wings.
I'm in Ontario, @Backlipslide, hopefully you won't hold that against me =) Yes, I am thinking to go out and get a couple 1 gallon pots. I have a couple 10 gallons waiting in the wings.

:laughtwo: Haha no I won’t hold that against you, some of my closest friends are from Ontario.

10 gal pots might be a bit large to have four plants in a 4x4 tent.
You might be able to get away with 5 gallon pots. I think about it this way. You have a 4x4 tent, with 4 plants, that gives you a 2 squared feet of room for each plant.. it’s going to get tight. Completely do able but it will be tight.
Very good point. I was planning on flowering the best bubba kush 2.0 solo, and tossing the weaker one. Then using the best BD as a mother, and veg'ing a clone. that leaves a little room to either veg another BD clone and take the best one to flower, or perhaps add a new strain. Does this make sense at all? =)
Absolutely :thumb:
I fed her 3 days ago with tap water, floranova grow, Superthrive to a combined ppm of about 480 (500 scale), pH’d to 5.5

I watered them today with Tap water 130ppm, added a couple drops of cal mag, into just over a gallon of water, and a couple drops of Superthrive, pH’d to 5.9.

The little bubba in the solo cup still looks droopy. I think a transplant is definitely in the cards.

My larger blue dream has been yellow since she cracked. No burn or other symptoms, growing strong... I think maybe it was the pH from early on, so doing my best to keep the pH lower and watching the run off, which is matching up... so hopefully she’ll green up... other than that she’s looking beautiful right now!

So silly question, this is 3 nodes on both yes? If I want to grow them big, top at 5?

Blue Dream in back:

Stronger Bubba Kush 2.0:
im Glad I went up and read again, I was going to mention about the solo cup. Your on the ball, no need. Not only that, you have to watch it may also be too wet or too dry, kind of a funny symptom ehh, almost looks the same for both lol.

I like to top above the 5th internode. Cutting the bottom two off, and leaving three in tact. It’s up to you to which internode you wanna cut on but for me, 5 is good. :thumb:

Sorry if I missed anything I’m bbqing up some burgers for the fam jam right now.:party:
Thanks for that @Backlipslide , 5th node it shall be! Can’t wait! Hope your BBQ is great! :)

The burgers were great, and fresh carrots from the market cooked in some butter and dill. Was delicious! :morenutes:

The daughter tore apart her burger and ate the bun like she usually does :laughtwo: lil bugger!


That was freshly topped (on my previous plant.

Then I’ll post a pic of the stem after I cut it down, as well as a pic of the final plant before cutting it down.

She tipped over, resulting in me cutting her down.

I hope you don’t mind me posting pictures on your thread, my apologies.

Drop in at my journal any time to see the in between those pictures if you like.:thumb:
So I thought using my ac’d Air direct into reflector would run coolest, but I changed it so the scrubber pulled to exhaust from up high and unpowered intake on floor, and that change, coupled with exhausting in a duct tape and bubblegum way to the outside of structure, lowered my tent temp dramatically... from 81 to 76, and room tent is in dropped dramatically as well. Maybe bubba kush 2.0 will respond better to cooler temps. For now two big changes, light height and temp, so I will leave them until tomorrow and if they are peeking g up I will lower the light a little and see how that goes... yellow blue dream is still bothering me... not s hi to of yellow on any others.... I will feed her more nutes next run and supplement with cal-mag, on top of tap water and see how she’s does, she’s biggest and praying and looking great, maybe leaves are a little skinny, she’s my best hope so far...


Bottom look

Top look


Bottom look

Top look:
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