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PantyRaid's 1st Grow - With LST!


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More picspam coming!

So I think I'm gonna switch her now to the molasses and water. Does that sound like a good idea to anyone else? I don't want her to taste chem-y at all!

Do you see anything in these trichome shots? Cloudy? One or two amber perhaps?

The leaves are turning brown now so I assume it's near the end. Switching to an intense light at the end probably didn't help!


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I think you would be fine to start a flush now. From some of the close up pics, I could spot scattered ambers every now and then. I would say you could harvest within the next 2 weeks;)

As for the light. It definitely DID help Panty. More available lumens, equals a larger rate of photosynthesis, which in turn then creates more photosynthates that are the backbones of a functioning cannabis plant :high-five:

Good Luck!

John C

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I do see some amber trichomes in your close up photographs. most people harvest from 5%-30% amber trichomes. harvest at 5%-15% amber trichomes for a "head high" energetic effect and harvest at 30%-50% amber trichomes for a "body stone" sedative effect strain dependent. if you wish a energetic effect I would begin your flush now for 1-2 weeks. you will notice as the plant uses its stored nutrients the fan leaves yellow and progress up the plant. you want to harvest before the sugar leaves yellow as it will be very laborious to trim then. you want to remove the fan leaves by hand and then use a pair of scissors to trim the sugar leaves even with the buds. leave the buds on the stems to dry. I use a collapsible drying rack to dry my buds in for 5-7 days until the buds are just dry enough to snap from the stems and are ready to be placed in storage containers to cure. open the storage containers each day and place the buds in a bowl for 15 minutes each day for 2 weeks to cure.

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Hello!! Got some more pics now!

I don't think I see any amber on the cupcake still. Am I just missing it?? I was really hoping she'd be done by xmas but now I'm not sure...

I moved the Cupcake in with the Pizza, and now they're both under the light. The cupcake isn't getting much light yet, but once I harvest the pizza, there will be plenty of room.

The cupcake is unbelievably sticky and super strong smelling. It's wild. It's not very dense, but it is very long!

You can see that the pizza is turning a little purple! I put a bowl of ice in during it's dark time, and it seems to be working! Yay!!! Thanks again, African Grower!


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...The cupcake is unbelievably sticky and super strong smelling. It's wild. It's not very dense, but it is very long!

That is some fine looking cannabis, pantyraid!

I don't see any significant amber, but it's really hard to tell at less than 50x mag. I have one I want to smoke too, and it still has 2 weeks or more to go ... :3:

Great job! +reps


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SO I cannot believe that it's Christmas and I'm still growing the damn cupcake. Still has basically no amber trichomes. I have no idea, just let it keep growing or something? Oy vey...

but i'm having big trouble with the cupcake. it's basically dead. I don't know what happened, I put it in with the pizza, thinking it would enjoy the light, but instead it totally croaked. Should I attempt to revive it, or can I repurpose it into edibles? Under the scope, I can see that it has tons of trichs, it's still very sticky, fuzzy w/ crystals, and smelly, but nobody wants to smoke that shit. Barf

What do I do??

ETA great, my pics uploaded sideways... sorry guys! merry xmas!


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PANTY!! What happened?? I'm sorry to see that she is all shriveled up. It's unlikely (from the pics) that you can bring that plant back to life, but try to continue to feed on your regular schedule, and see if any new, green growth appears. If not then I agree with Vegas, go with some edibles with cannabutter or cannaoil! Here is a great thread on THE BEST 420 RECIPES;)

How are your temps in the room you are growing in? and the humidity? It looks like the plant completely dried out, and it could be a combination of hot temps and under watering, but still inconclusive before knowing any more info! It looks like the Cupcake is a little on the dry side too, or are the pics deceiving me? If it was only the Pizza that experienced this, then I might be able to eliminate an environmental factor, as only one plant was traumatized in the same grow room.

As for the Cupcake's maturity, this plant really does want to take her own sweet time now doesn't she:laugh2: I say if you hardly see any clear trichomes, and the plant has mostly cloudy, with one or two ambers sprinkled around; in my opinion this is the earliest I would harvest a plant. By the way it sounds, you do spot a couple of ambers here and there. Correct me if I'm wrong!

Hope you are having a splendid holiday!


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I think maybe the dirt the cupcake is in was just shitty, and that combined w/ the autogrow strain, the change in light, and my general laissez faire attitude about the cupcake probably caused it's early demise. Not all is lost: I'll turn her into butter ASAP and make some amazing treats.

And I see maybe one or two ambers on the pizza, but it's just dragging its ass.....

and it looks a little dry bc when i switched it to the new light, it got a little over whelmed. It's fully watered (and thirsty!)


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Oh man, hello! My update is so late and undetailed, but here it is.

I made the Cupcake into butter which was very yummy!

I cut down the pizza a few days later. After drying, she was a solid ounce! I've been curing it for a long time, have given a bunch out to friends, just havent smoked much of it. I should probably get on that!

Thanks everyone! I had surgery and have been very side tracked with recovery, but I promise to get some pics up soon

David Bowman

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