The 420 Fotographer Collective: Advanced Cannabis Photography

Mahalo Penny!
Nice @13goody13 - fantastic pic and manipulation!
A couple shots I just took of a Silver Fox seedling breaking ground. The 1st photo was taken with the Fisheye effect and the 2nd with a 4x zoom lens.:blunt: Enjoy and have a great day all!:high-five:

Simply stunning :Namaste: :adore:
Blueberry Auto Flower almost ready to harvest.

Beautiful colours :D
Gorgeous flower Sunny
Gorgeous sunny flower!!
Thanks! Which one? :hmmmm: I haven’t dropped a pic here for a while... I’ll go back and have a look
They are just right there on this page. Scroll up a couple...
Hey guys, I thought I'd pop in and say hi.
I'm a photographer for a living, before that I was just a photographer :)
Doing pics and all sorts of visual art since childhood.
Use a Sony 7riii as my main. Lots of lenses
... Too much lol..

Growing? Mmn.. Not that experienced. Just enough to be able to take some cool pics.
Loving every moment of the grow, and I guess like all of you guys in this thread - the shooting in particular.
I like doing art when I high. But then, I like doing everything high... :)




Cool effect keltic!:cool:

THX Cola. I am just fooling being wacky. I think the phone setting was on 'profile' and 'stage light' and tooo close to focus properly.
Kind of getting bored with made for IG photo fun. I think I am hitting a wall with imagination. Happens to me from time to time.

Every medium can produce art, even soil
I am trippin looking for the starburst in the LEDs. :eek:


Today I am thankful and happy to be one day closer to harvest.
this is my first post, bare with me lol
Samsung s10e camera phone. I love tsking pictures of weed, from buds to plants, i am always documenting every day. This is 5 weeks into flower strain is mr clean ( lime skunk X the cube) it is indoor in a 4x8 with others. Using king led 3000w x2, full advanced nutrients ph technology program with sea ormus and organic additions. Grown in hp mix.
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