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Some dried nug. shots courtesy of the lady posted above.:cheesygrinsmiley: Enjoy and have a great night all! :blunt:

White Background:

Black Background:

Looking fantastic! Well done both the plant, and the photos. Been a bit quiet lately myself. No active journal and working on some things...

but flowering out this mom and started an OG Kush.

Was cruisin some journals earlier today and got inspired. Here's a few from this morning. HiJack Auto, 76 Daze from seed.

Just the tip.

Trich, Trich, Trich Again.

Thorn of the Crown.

I love the blue background on the bottom photo, it really makes the cola stand out.:love: Great work @Agemon!
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Magnus8, but most folks just call me Magnus.

Grow method and strains:

I have mostly grown outside using organic supersoil that I mix myself.

Have now moved inside due to the fact that I'm moving from this farm into town and am not sure how easy it will be to grow outdoors.

I choose strains for each individual grow, but tend to grow both CBD and thc.

Camera, Lenses and Gear:

Nikon D7000 with a Nikkor 35 - 120 mm zoom.

I have also recently bought a lense reverse ring for poor man's macro photography but have not yet tried it.

Experience level and photography background:
Studied Professional Photography at Dawson Institute of Photography in Montreal but that was eons ago. Am now just an educated amature going about his business.

Also have an undergraduate degree in video production and an MFA in the same.

What is your style? (portrait, journal, macro, outdoor, instructional, various)

I love portraiture, landscapes and doing various videos.

Favourite lens or type of shot:

My favourite lense is a 70 -120 mm portrait lense.

I'm also partial to a great wide angle lense.

If you could give 1 tip for new photographers:

Know how your camera works and FULLY understand the relationship between f-stops, shutter speeds and how they affect focal length.

Maybe that's two or three pieces of advice. Doesn't matter - they are all equally important!!!

Other introductory options:

Please share 1 of you favourite photos and explain why it works so well for you. What equipment did you use?


I wouldnt say this is one of my favourite shots I've ever taken, but it's a solid shot of a cannabis plant.

I like its overall composition. It is very balanced. Also, I like the backdrop I chose.

Were I to do it again I would clean and polish that stupid dirty pot!

I actually used my phone camera for this shot, a Samsung A8. I lit it with a 200w CFL softbox.

Please share 1 technique you use in a step by step how-to.

Choose a few of your favourite photos and share them.

Talk about a piece of your equipment you can’t live without.

Share the link to other photography related content you have created.


This is Greta, playing in the rain.


The meadow outside my window.


Little Porkchop, RIP.

Oops! I guess I did this wrong...
I was experimenting with different light sources and settings on my camera tonight and found that the "Program AE" mode allows me to up and lower the exposure which helps blacken out the background in the photos without having to perform any post editing. Enjoy! :blunt:

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