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The 420 Fotographer Collective: Advanced Cannabis Photography


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I have not shared in this thread before because I have not felt that my images were up to par. Most of my equipment stay in their bags nowadays. I'll be completely honest to say that I just don't make the time to bring out my cameras and take some proper images. Just plain wiped out and lazy. So out comes the phone...I know some of you can understand. If I happen to get some decent images, then cool. Next time I am feeling perky, able, and inspired I will bring out the real camera and lenses. Blessings and have a wonderful Sunday!

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Took these hastily on my camera phone, so by no means are these in the same zip code as upper tier amatur photos.

I like how the photos demonstrate how our precious plants are simply just weeds that blend into their existing ecosystem.
That's great to see them in their natural environment like that. Thanks for sharing.


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