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Hey everybody, im back.Ive been gone for a while now and i missed this site and the people.Im starting with 1 plant SpeedQuen from Mandala.Im doing this grow with CFLs in my veg box, its been way to hot to use my HPS light.The seed sprouted today(out of the soil) will have pics as soon as it shows green.Hope shes a she and not a he.Feels good to be back:roorrip:
Hey MOTAvation, good to see you back and looking forward to seeing your journal.
Thanks for the positive vibes everyone.I have a update, im not sure how old the SQ is but shes been growing outdoors in my porch no signs of sex yet.Ill be moving her indoors as soon as i get my soil and shes going to be trnsplanted too.Everything is doing good, i watered her and gave her a lil of GrowBig today here are a couple pics of the progress.

Her 3rd day outside

Just took this pic inside, noisy neighboors are outside.

Thanks for tunning in!
WOOHOOOO!!! Its a girl. Im so glad shes a girl, now i get to watch her turn into a woman haa.Ill get pics of her as soon as she forms more pistils, i spoted the first pistil with my 30x magnifying glass.Im not sure of the age but id say shes 3 weeks into 12/12 now might be wrong ive been out the growing seen for a while but im back baby.
Thanks for tunning in to this journal,
Thanks for the comments their always apreciated. I have an update, sience last time. ive transplanted her into some LightWarrior and some dirt from outside my porch(this dirt was very soft felt like powder).Shes doing good shes showing sings of Nitrogen difficiency so ill be feeding her tomorow with a little bit of GrowBig and TigerBloom.Other than that shes doing well.Here are some pics from today.
Heres a shot showing how tall she is.

Top View

Heres her Pistils,
Thanks, sorry to get back at you so late but i think shes 3 weeks in the last pics.The thing is i left her outdoors in the shade for about a week with only 5 hours of sunlight.I lost track of her age now.
Here she is after a couple weeks

Little buds are starting to form.

Semi top view

Another shot showing pistils

Thanks for watching.
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