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1st Grow, 2x2.5 Tent, Bogglegum, LED Moving To COB


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Hi everyone, been lurking for info and decided to get a journal going. I smoked about 25 years ago in high school, and recently started again. Never grew... So without further ado...

What strain is it?
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
Indica mostly
Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
Just started
If in Veg... For how long?
Playing by ear
If in Flower stage... For how long?
Indoor or outdoor?
Soil or Hydro?
If soil... what is in your mix?
FFOF 50%, Light Warrior 40%, Perlite 10%
If soil... What size pot?
4" starter
Size of light?
"300w LED"@ 30" ---->moving to COB soon
Is it aircooled?
AC house kept below 80 all the darn time
Temp of Room/cab?
RH of Room/cab?

For numerous reasons started to grow my own. I don't have room for separate veg and flower tents so one tent will have to do. Purchased a Gorilla Grow tent package, assembled in closet, vented 6" fan to roof vent. Germinated seeds with the napkin trick-took less than 24 hours and placed them in dampened soil, 24 hours later they poked through.

I have a nice multi-stage RODI unit that produces 0ppm water already in place, it has a couple carbon blocks, a pre-filter, 2 RO and 2 DI membranes. The pH of that water with an airstone in it is roughly 6.9 (it's hard to measure pH in just plan 0ppm water-but that is a discussion for another time.

At around a week, I borrowed a PAR meter to see how the corners of my tent were fairing with the "300w" LED. The corners were pretty dim, so I considered adding another 300, but alas, just ordered a 200w Citizen COB fixture in 3500K from a vendor here. Hopefully that will do the trick. I hope the COB puts out less heat than two 300w fixtures, it should, because while LEDs are less hot than HID, their still pretty warm.

@ 7 days

Yesterday, see photo below, I watered each plant with 1c of RODI water mixed with some CaMg to just below 200ppm. The pH of the water w/ CaMg was measured to be around 5.5, and the effluent pH at about 6.5. There was about 10-15% run off. Yes it got on their leaves.

@10 days

I am thinking of repotting sometime next week-a lot more perlite and light warrior. This strain was chosen because it's compact, the smell is little if any and it's a pretty darn quick plant with <50 days of flowering. Hoping I get at least one female from these two.

I also need to start thinking of a place to keep about 6 clones going. I have a few 6500K true 60w bulbs which I think two of would work for a small clone setup-using the 300w LED would roast the plants. Thinking of a Brute 20 gallon tote with a couple holes punched through for PC fans with just a clone tray and 7" dome. Since both the starter/cloner and tent are in the same closet I think the brute would contain the light from the CFL bulb.

Plant #1 has a couple small brown marks on the first leaves, there not getting larger, so it could be irritation from seed walls? I see a lot of other grows with issues on the first leaves, so I am not sweating it. Or it could be the FFOF heat.

I don't plan on using nute for a few weeks. Will be using the big three from Fox Farms.

My temps approach 80 with the LED plus a 60W CFL. I might have to revisit this before flowering as I don't want to be pushing the threshold into flowering.

Anyways, thanks for reading!


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@ 12 days (this morning)

Getting a little bigger everyday. I watered 2 days ago pretty well, they are lighter today, so their airing out...I am out of town this weekend, so thinking of giving them a spray to the soil before I leave, then considering transplanting maybe tuesday of next week.

Leafs still have a little curl. No clue, maybe the plant, maybe the soil (too much N? in it), no signs of burn but the leaves are rich and dark.

Played with the tent vents a little to improve airflow some. Temps did not get above 77 last night.


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They look a little less curly today, soil was dry so I gave them a small spritz to dampen the top, the soil probe still showed barely any moisture at the bottom. Going out of town till sunday, so that will get them to dry out again.

Heard from Timber Creek, the estimated date to ship the cobs is next week.

Right now I am thinking I will veg for about 8 weeks or until the plants are about 2'+ (with training). The few notes on growing this strain I can find on the web state that is optimal for bud weight.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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They survived the weekend. Yay. I watered yesterday afternoon when I got back into town. One plant drooped, I think he got a bit more water bc the pot was heavier in the morning. The drooping was gone.

I repotted today into a mix of the FFOF, Perlite and Light Warrior. Went to a 1.7g pot. My ratio of soil was a lot of perlite to a handful each of the LW and FFOF. I drilled some extra holes in the pots (4 each) and put some clay pellets that were rinsed on the bottom. I did not get a photo of the roots but they had filled out the little seed pots. After mixing the soil and removing large sticks, I misted the soil lightly with the ~200ppm CaMg solution and put the seedlings on top and lightly filled in around them making sure that the soil was not compacted in any way.

Both plants have yellowing pre-leaves that look about to fall off, I think the plant that I overwatered has a little yellow on one first true leaf.

Slight smell to them if you get close...pretty cool and makes me enthusiastic.

Anyway, today is day 16, still think it's too early to top or train.

As of right now I may move them into 7 gallon fabric pots on around April 10th. Starting to think about yields...lol.


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This morning, day 17.

Plant #1 looks a little droopy, it was the one that was overwatered (in top of photo) on Sunday, so will give a couple more days to recoup before giving more water. I have been giving 200ppm CaMg in RODI, thinking of just giving straight RODI on Thursday, maybe with a touch of Big Bloom (think 1ml per gallon dilution vs the 30ml recommended).

Below is a photo of the 'burn' on plant 2, it's on the lower single leaves...would like to hear some thoughts on this. My three guesses are:
1) Lower leaves do this.
2) Soil too hot (maybe 40% FFOF at max, but prob less)
3) Lacking N



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Today I decided to give nutes for the first time. Basically Big Bloom 400ppm ph to 6.5, gave each plant 4c and had about .6c / ph 6.8 run-off.

Prior to soil was very dry and would not register on moisture meter. Kinda on the fence about watering/feeding today, since most of my mix is perlite and Light Warrior, figured it would not hurt. I currently have 4 nodes showing with the 4th pretty darn small, around 5 or 6 nodes I will prune.



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@ 20 days (this morning)

Starting to feel optimistic about the grow, but still worried about sexing and getting a pair of males. My intro to nutes did not wipe them out. Currently have 3 defined nodes on both plants, with a couple in the making. Should do my first prune next week sometime. They seem to be growing faster. Temps here have been cooler-maybe maxing around 77 with lows around 68. I got a ship notice from timber creek and the cobs should arrive early next week. Top of the pots has dried out from feeding 2 days ago, bottoms are still damp. I gave the top a light mist of CaMg water today just to help with humidity. No brown spots or burn signs on plants.

I am considering adding a pair of Osram Oslon SSL80 to my existing cob frame and putting them on a separate dimmer just for flowering. I would mount one between each pair of Citizens. This would give me about 50 more watts and increase the red spectrum-possibly helping with flower. I want to see what the temp/heat these four cobs give before deciding that step.

Got a new seed order yesterday with two auto fems-blueberry and something I don't recall that was a freebie. Think I will start one when the current grow gets a couple weeks into flower. If these are fem, they should only need about 50 days or less of flower, so that will give me 3-4 weeks to get the next ready for the tent. I have a pretty decent stash of seeds, if I get decent looking plants I might choose a non-auto that takes longer for the next grow-I think I have about 12 varieties of just feminized seeds, the only true seeds I have are this one Bogglegum, another BOG-Blue Moon Rocks, and afghani. Maybe I will post a poll to see what goes on deck next.

I ordered open sesame, cha ching and beastie bloomz, still too early for these but would like to have them on deck.

Next pot change will be into 7g fabric. I guess around 10 days or so. I am guessing a total of 40 days veg as a moving target. Might go to 50, just need to see how tall they get. This strain is supposed to be pretty darn compact and I would like a nice 1' bush before going to flower.

I looked at a number of other treads for my size tent. My wife and I smoke about an ounce every 6 weeks, so hopefully I will get at a minimum an ounce per plant (low expectations). A 2 oz yield would get us through an auto grow.

Happy Friday everyone, hope you have time to relax and smoke this weekend. Wife and I plan to enjoy the weather outside after the kids are in bed. I am going to be smoking some afghani that I am currently working through. I just opened and tried (yesterday) some pineapple express that was an 1/8th I bought a few weeks back-the buds in this 1/8 looked great and it exceeded my expectations. I had tried some PE from a different grower when I bought this and was not impressed at all...just made me wired. The stuff I opened yesterday tasted/smelled way better and was much more moderating with it's buzz.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Feel free to give advice or link to your journal (especially if your working with the same parameters as I am)



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Hi there! Nice looking plants :thumb:

If you google "diagnose sick cannabis plants" there's a few really good sites that have pictures and every possible deficiency/burn you can get. I would mention the site I'm talking about by name but not sure if allowed to in this forum. You'll find it I'm sure.

Good on you for starting to grow your own. I assume it's legal where you are, it isn't where I am. Lucky you! At least you know the quality is good when you do. I've been reading about contaminated buds from dispensaries, mould and such. Bad if you're sick.

I think it's heaps of fun too. And it only gets better every time!



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Yes smokey, I have seen various websites with diagnostic tools. Think there is one on here in FAQ.

@21 days
I clearly have 5 nodes on one plant and 4 nodes on another plant. In the photo below the lowest plant is the one with 4 clear nodes. Looks like the back plant is a little faster. Both plants have a nice faint smell if I stick my face in them. This morning I rotated and inspected, all looks good...still need another couple days before topping. I gave a light mist to the surface of CaMg this morning. The pots appear lighter.

I see a little purple in the leaves...I know some of the BOG strains have a good amount of purple on them.

Gameplan is a light watering tomorrow AM followed by top on Monday. I hope it's safe to water that close to topping. Prob give each plant a couple cups. Think I may lower my pH of the feed/water I am giving since I am using a large amount of light warrior. The 6.5 that I am giving them might be a little on the high range for that soil mix.



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@22 days.

Today I felt they needed some liquid, so I gave them each 1c of Big Bloom at 400ppm and 1c of CaMg, both were pH'ed to 6.5 earlier in the week, I did not test runoff, but there was a little bit, maybe a couple tablespoons in each saucer.

I now see 5 good nodes on each plant, so plan to top or fim either monday or tuesday depending on my confidence.

I started thinking about lst. The lower set of leaves I feel will be in the dirt if I tie them down, should I just remove them or start one node higher?



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@23 days

Today I decided to top or fim. Don't know why, but I am nervous about this.

Plants before

So, grabbed the top growth that was not definable as a leaf/node, and cut it. Hope I did it right. Probably did not take enough off.

Plant 1

Plant 2

Also noticed a couple gnats. Ugh. I have some mosquito bits, are those safe to use?


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And the COBs are in. Timber packed very well.

I put them in and came to a few conclusions.

1) Depending on the sex of my plants, the clunker honeywell fan might not cut it, it takes up a huge footprint.

2) I need to re-rig my light hanger system. Right now it's tied to a crossbar and if I crank it up all the way it's still got 12" to move up. I think I need another pair of the cranker hook things.

3) I like the light output, but I feel like I would benefit from a 5th/6th COB somewhere on the rack. I think there is space. Maybe add a couple of those red COBs on a separate dimmer/ballast.

Running them at 100% to see what the heat in the tent maxes at today. Right now with me rigging stuff in there, it's 77, about the same temp as the outside of the tent.

Still running the 5500K bulb in there, can't hurt right?



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@ 25 days

smokeywokey-the big white thing is an upright fan. It takes up a lot of space, so it's going to get removed and replaced with some clip fans.

I am liking the COBs. I think their slightly dimmer at canopy than the LED fixture was (both at 26" above canopy), but the spread is more even, even over in the corners of the tent. Makes sense as the LED fixture uses some type of lens. The plant seems to like the new light, the leaves are less curled and seem to be more reaching (yes, I know subjective), but it is possible that the focused light might have been to much of a good thing.

Plants are both pretty dry. I will let them go another day and water tomorrow, no nutes, just some CaMg. Going out of town for three days and the watering should hold them easily for that period.

I plan to go to home depot today and get some wire to start or attempt LST.

My temps yesterday never broke 77-went down to 70 overnight. Seems the COBs at max put out less heat than the 200w LED box. This is a very good thing. Also still have that 60wCFL in there.

Next week I plan on feeding 400ppm big bloom and 125ppm grow big. It will be there first intro in N, so hopefully no burn.

My bubble hash bags came today. So if either of these turn out to be a male that will be the fate. Also got some fly strips, but have not seen flys.

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