BeezLuiz & LiquidIntel Are At It Again: Outdoor Grow Season 3

Indeed it is! I'm getting ready to soak some seeds in the next day or two. I'm excited to get started. :surf:

I've taken a bit of a sabbatical from social media and growing, but my batteries are just about charged up and ready to get into action again. I'll move this journal to the "completed journals" section and will post a link here once my new journal gets up. :Namaste:
I did thebsame thing! Haha! 420magazine is my only social media. Smile and stay stoneder
OK, I've finally gotten the new journal started. :yahoo: You can find it HERE
Hi Everyone, it's been a bit since I've updated here, but I wanted to make sure I posted this info. I finally sent some samples of my 2020 grow to a lab to get some testing done. These tests were done using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).

Here's what I sent out and why:
1. Gorilla Breath Flower. Standard potency test. I wanted to know the THC & CBD strength of the flower for calculating oil infusions, and how much CBN present to give me an idea whether I harvested too early or too late.
2. Super Critical Bud CBD. Standard potency test. Same reasons as above.
3. Dr. S Flower. Standard potency test. Same reasons as above.
4. Killer A5 Haze Flower. Standard potency test. Same reasons as above.
5. Killer A5 Haze Trim. Standard potency test. I want to know the difference between using the flower and using the trim. I trim the large plants using a BOWL TRIMMER, and there seems to be a lot of good quality sugar leaves and flower bits in the resulting trim.
6. Killer A5 Haze Grapeseed Oil. Standard potency test. I used the same trim material above to make some oil and I want to know my actual infusion efficiency vs my calculated numbers.

While all the data was very valuable for learning science, I was surprised (both good and bad) by some of the results. Here's a summary of the flower/trim testing and comparison with what the breeder estimated these varieties to be. Let me know if you'd like to see the actual lab reports.
Lab Test Summary.jpg

First of all, none of my samples came close to the breeder estimates. While not really surprising, still disappointing. I'm really kinda shocked at the Killer Haze results at only 5% THC vs the 23-30% the breeder advertised. I likely harvested it too early (14.5 weeks of flower) since there is zero CBN detected. Really, none of my samples had any levels of CBN so maybe I'm harvesting all my plants too early as a rule. This could be very valuable information for me! Also, I realize that my plants get pretty large and are grown outdoors - could this be a factor for the lower than expected potency? :hmmmm:

The Super Critical Bud CBD is also a bit of a surprise. While I was skeptical of the breeder values from the beginning, I was expecting some evidence of CBD. The lab says basically ZERO CBD, and only 8.5% THC. :oops: Regardless, my son and I find it to be a very pleasant high. The Lemon Potion that I had tested last year, also gave me similar results - No CBD.

As far as my suspicions regarding the flower vs trim, I was pretty accurate. It looks like the trim is about 90% of the flower potency and will help me in future oil infusion projects. Also, for future harvests, I need to decide whether I should trim less than I do now, but as long as I am using all the trim for oil making it probably doesn't matter too much. I still have more flower than I can possibly smoke.

Your thoughts on this are certainly welcome. In my next post, I'll discuss the oil testing.
wow so sad the TCH levels are so low~
Hi LKV, and thanks for stopping by.
wow so sad the TCH levels are so low~
Yes, I was a bit disappointed in the lab results, but growing is a continuous learning process and I think I get a little better at it each season.
I see you grew are some White widow in 2019-- How was the TCH on that?
I didn't get that one lab tested, but the way it smoked, I would guess that it was somewhere in the ballpark of 15% THC.
Not really. The breeder that I got my seeds from estimates the potency to be 18-20% THC. There a many more varieties out there that can top that. The White Widow I grew was 60% sativa/40% indica.
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