Cultivator's Perpetual Grows Return

My heart sinks for you Cultivator, there is nothing I can say. So Sorry for your lost.
There's a book if you want to write one. You hit every point right on the head. Especially about pulling early and flushing. That will take a 0.6 g/watt grow and push it to 0.8 g/watt.


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I bet it taste wonderful !

Currently I have two plants @ 8 weeks in Bud that 'll leave for a few more weeks before I harvest the top 3/4.


Once the top 3/4 is harvested Ill grow the bottom scrag bud into marvelous top buds.

Often the bottom 1/3 can out produce the Top 3/4 doing it this way. Oddly enough.
Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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hey everyone.

Ive had to lie low for a while. Had quite the scare with some security issues!!!

Im back now and I will be starting a journal consisting of 4120w of Ninth Planet LEDS. These panels are the absolute business and blow anything I've seen grown with LED out of the water.......

Watch this space....
Glad your okay Cultivator :Namaste:
Fantastic to see ya back it was like I had a void in my life lol
Talking about security issues I lost my main place dohhhhh
Have you ever tryd using coco beds there seems to be a lot of ppl yielding well with them
Looking forward to seeing how the led perform is the cost of them crazy like most led
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