Durban Poison & Black Widow #2


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Same two strains as in my first journal, but with a few differences as follows:
I started these on the Fox Farm feeding schedule as soon as I repotted, The lights are on 24/7, I’ve put everything in 5 gallon pots and I have a little experience now with this being my third grow.

The Durbin poison is 100% sativa.
The black widow is supposed to be 60% Indica and 40% sativa, But I found conflicting information on the site from which I bought the seeds. One statement says 60% Indica & 40% sativa. Another statement says it’s sativa dominant.

I have them in a mix of three parts Happy Frog and one part Coco Loco And put them in 5 gallon fabric pots today.
They’re finishing week 3 of veg today. I also wanted to try fimming & I did that 4 days ago & they all look good so far. Temp ranges from 65f overnight & 74f during the day & I’m keeping the humidity around 60%.
I’ve noticed the leaves on these are a very “rich” shade of green & their details are very well defined. I’m expecting these to do very well.
Lastly, you may notice one of the Durbans is a little smaller. She sprouted 4 days behind her big sister, but she’s along for the ride & being treated as if she sprouted on the same day. The one in the middle is the miracle clone. After fimming I left the second nodes for cloning.
I’ve never had a too many problems with re-potting, but I always anticipate the possibility of that happening. Usually though they might look wilted or lethargic. I had a little trouble with getting these out of their 3 gallon pots. I had to take them outside to contain the mess & it was probably about 20 degrees cooler outside (Fahrenheit) plus the struggle to get them out of their bags -it took two of us. So I was expecting them to look a little worse for wear this morning. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. If they could speak, they’d say IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? I’m absolutely astounded at what they did overnight. See for yourselves...
Haven’t posted in a while. I broke a branch trying to tie it down. I took a nice deep breath, took a good look at the injury & decided to in-tie the rest of her & just let her recover. I guess it’s been about a week, she looks a little worse for wear, but recovering nicely I think. These are the Black Widows...
Here are the Durban Poisons. This was my first attempt at fimming & one of them went crazy & looks like 10 main colas. The other one has 8. This is the first grow that I’ve used nutes from the start & they are definitely bushier than the previous grow. I’m looking forward to seeing these flower...

I’m really enjoying watching these girls grow. I’m going to LST these. I’m fascinated by the effect fimmimg had. I’m also experimenting with super cropping, but only on a few branches & not very aggressively until I develop the right touch. I’m a little embarrassed, but I’m not sure whether the clone is Durban Poison or Black Widow but they look very different from each other when they flower, so I guess I’ll find out then. She’s in the center. The one in the top right of the pic is the one with the stem I broke. She has a strange shape, but looks fully recovered...
Day 30 since repotting. I’m flipping them tomorrow. The feeding schedule definitely made a difference. These are much heartier. I also moved them into bigger pots & might up pot again but I’ll have to talk myself into doing so. They’re in 5 gal pots now.
With the way the Durbans are growing I decided to up-pot into 7gallon fabric pots. I put them straight into 5 gallon pots after germinating only 4 weeks ago & I gotta say I’m impressed with the root ball. I decided to wait another day to flip. Here’s one in her new home. I love the Velcro closures on the pots- made repotting & adding soil much easier.
And today I dropped her from 4’ trying to put her on a work table. She landed almost flat on the bottom of the pot. Only one fan leaf was damaged, but I’m very worried about whether that beautiful root ball will recover...
Got the baby Durbans moved in with their big sisters. Defoliated & put ‘em under the scrog. Their canopy is about the same height for now, but these girls have some volume & could take over the tent. I also removed the mylar panel I made to make room in the tent. New light next week I hope...
Did a bit of defoliation on the Durbans this morning. The pic is of the Durban Poison I dropped from almost 4’ a week ago. I was afraid I had destroyed the root ball, but I guess not - I think she’s gonna take over the tent. I’m learning that these plants can really take a beating as long as you feed & water them properly. The Black Widows are amazing too. I’ll post more pics of them in a day or two...
I haven’t done a good job of keeping up with this Journal. I’ve had my hands full with a shop I’ve been building & trying not to kill the girls. To make a long story short, the Black Widows went from clear trichs to milky with probably 5% amber in just a few days & the pistils were almost all orange so we decided to chop them. I’ll have a final tally on yield when they finish drying. I didn’t get any pics of the buds - I’ll put some up with an evaluation when they dry. I can’t find any pics of the Widows at all...
And today I dropped her from 4’ trying to put her on a work table. She landed almost flat on the bottom of the pot. Only one fan leaf was damaged, but I’m very worried about whether that beautiful root ball will recover...
Here she is this morning- she’s the one up front. Pardon my French, but she’s produced some donkey dicks. Maybe I should drop them all after their root balls are established...
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