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Dusty Kiefers

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Hello :420: peeps thought it was time to start a journal.
strains. Bubblelicious,A.K48,Kalashnikova,and soon enough a few more.

Dusty Kiefers

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Thanks R.L. & Co.finest I take pride in my growing endevors, and from you guys thats a great pat on the back.
O.k. Water change was yesterday blue mystic been flushing and coming down today she still has about half white pistilsbut tricomes are about 5% amber and last time I let em go to 15% I couldnt get off the couch.
A.K. Hit week 5 12/12 bubs hit week 2 and kalashnikova hit one week. The a.k.and bubs got technaflora recipe for success at 1.1 e.c and kalashnikova got 5 ml boost 5ml bloom2.5ml awesomeblosom 5 ml magical in one and half galon of water to put e.c. At 1.0 .
Will get sum pics today of the wifes side of the bed, bought her the 48*3 top led reflector and this lady can grow .
Heres sum bud im fixing to enjoy


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Dusty, they look stunning under your Lush LED. Glad you decided to start a journal for them!!

Dusty Kiefers

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Thanks for the sub lurch these are in 3 gal mop buckets dwc one big ass hot air pump running four buckets with 2" air stones one in each bucket pleanty of air and noise each bucket holds 1&1/2 gallons of water I use r/o.
The nutes are Technaflora B.C. iuse b.c. boost, b.c. bloom, awesomeblossoms, thrivealive red, magical, and I mix in a little botanicare liquid karma. I follow their recipe chart with one gal of water then cut it down till e.c. is at 1.1 and I change buckets out every week .

Funky skunk you found it glad to have you along.


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Looking fine Dusty man I am Subbed with the rest of these :lot-o-toke:


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Looking good... I might have to stay on this delicious thread...subbd' :thumb:

I invite you to my Cheese grow - 420 Magazine ®


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I was growing some Church last summer, and we had a heat wave in Vegas...killed my Church and my Jack Herer plants... very excited to see how this comes out Dusty... :ganjamon:
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