JadeLotus' Auto Bubilicious!

Everyone is situated in their pots. Destiny and Bridgette are looking green and healthy.
Looking great Jade.Next baby you need to call Destinys child:cheesygrinsmiley::high-five:

:wood: Jade? Ms Lotus? :wood:

:ciao: Ghaze? :ciao: is that you sitting in the dark, it is!! :high-five: good plant name idea, ghaze.

It looks like the light is off here, wanna puff one of these fatty's? should we wake her up? nahhhh

I have 2 :joint:, we'll leave her one under the mat, after we puff this Purple Haze :passitleft:
Mind if I jump in? Tamir I think with autos if your goin to feed use one light dose of grow nutrient in vegetative state around 2/3weeks just to help with the stretch period which comes just after preflower and then when the stretch phase has ended this is when she fills out the nugs so feed with a light flower feed at this point but I tried using a biobizz organic feed this grow and the ladies didnt like it they just get what they need from the soil I wont be feeding again in future just working on soil ammendments :roorrip:
I started very weak (1/4) strength veg nutes at about 4 weeks from seed....then went right into a full strength flower mix at around 6 weeks...Waiting for pre-flowers did not sit right with me as some started in 2 weeks while others didn't show anything until 4. I just wait and let them tell me what they need as they respond to what you give them pretty quick. :thumb:

Very nice answer pitbull:bong: +rep
If you spraying water on the leaves it can change colour.Didn't say that your plant have that problem.Does it grow normally or does it grow slow?If it's growing normally i will not wory too much...I hope that some grower who had this kind of problem will appear and solve this.I also want to know what cause colour changing.Btw your leaves have great sharp edges,no yellow tip,no curling...
She's perhaps telling you that you shouldn't spray so much water on her, perhaps even begging you too stop that all together, or something in the likes. I'm just now starting to learn how to speak plant so don't take me too seriously.
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