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Hi, I'm Teedy. This is my first attempt at growing cannabis. Don't really know what I'm doing but my seeds are doing really well, I think. I've uploaded pictures of th soil and pots that I am using. I'm also using a growbox that I've made. Very proud of how that turned out to say I'm a newbie. Anywho, please give any advice of what to do next and what I'm doing wrong. I planted my seeds exactly 3 weeks ago. Don't know what strand it is though. I got the seeds from someone. Thanks for viewing and I look forward to talking with you all.
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So at the bottom where you post here there's an icon in the bottom left that says my photos click on that.
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Welcome 1creation!

In the Quick Reply box where you typed your last reply, there's a small tab at the bottom of the writing field that says "My Photos" (Just above the "Show signature tick box), click on this tab, select your photos and boom! your photo will be added to the writing field, add some titles or descriptions if you like then just click "Post Quick Reply" and your styling :thumb:
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Also looks like your using your phone for photos hold horizontal so side buttons are facing up when taking photos. They will load Straight that way.

Also your gonna eventually need bigger pots there's cheap nursery or re usable smart pots or fabric pots that can be washed. Not that nursery pots can't just not in a wash machine lol. I'd also recommend moving them to 7 gallon pots later when you transplant. I'm available most any time if you have questions
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Watch for humidity and temperature levels..lst means low stress training in which you train your plants to grow a certain way. Most people train plants to have an even canopy so the light hits all the tops at an equal level. It's also used to keep plants short and bushy. It's also used to provide light to the base of the plants. By training/bending the plant you are providing light to enter to the bottom of your plant making your plant and your light use more efficient. So far so good..keep reading and you'll find out. GoodLuck!
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