Outragedplutos 1st Big Boy TLO Organic Grow

Pluto Well while you're waiting to set up your next tent/room, Come check out my attic TLO grow. It's getting dialed and my flower room is gonna be producing nicely soon! Who knows? Maybe u move to CO and your hobby is legal and genetics are plenty! ;) All the best!
Oooo how I wish I could. And I am really trying to get my life to a point where I can move out there. My girl and I both are itching to get out of the Great Lakes region. And your grow is awesome!! So much space to work with ;)

well since im a few minutes away and im on Happy Weednsday Pluto :thumb:
And a happy weednesday back my friend!!
Hey everyone i just wanted to share my Bubble Hash making process!!!

First i started by decarbing my trimming from my plant. I was silly and did not weigh what i started with so i won't have a good ratio.

While the bud was baking i filled my bucket with a little water and my bags before sticking the whole thing in the freezer to get nice and cold.

After the bud was done baking, i put it into the freezer to get all frozen up!!

I took advantage of the snow outside to keep my process cold. I filled my sink my snow and set the bucket into the snow to keep the water cold!!

I then added the trimmings and about 50/50 water to ice. I use a whisk to stir dor about 20 min with a few minute break every 5 or so minutes.

After the 20 minutes of stiring i let the whole mix set for about 10 minutes, letting all the goodies settle. I start pulling all the bags out one by letting them drain into the bucket.

After the whole process is done you want to make sure that you clean your bags with strong alcohol, then rinsing with water and drying in front of a fan. This is a key process if you want a long life with your bags!!

After the newly made hash has dried a bit (20 min or so) i press into big pieces and freeze solid. After it is frozen i then take a razor and shave it and crush into as fine of pieces as i can get. Put all of this into a dark dry area and allow to dry a few days.

And that my friends is how i made my hash. If anyone has a bettet method with the bags please do inform me lol!!

Thanks for stopping by!!
I have a portable washing machine similar to the Bubble Magic 5 Gallon Mini Washing Machine that I put the trimmings in a mesh bag and place inside the washing machine, I then fill the washing machine with cold water and ice cubes and set it for 2 cycles. I then place my 5 Gallon All Mesh five Bubble bags inside of a 5 gallon pail then drain the washing machine through its discharge hose into the bucket. I then remove each bag one at a time as I drain the liquid from the bag. The trichomes are gathered in the bottom of the bags and are removed in different grades and pressed in a pressing screen to remove excess water. I then take my
Large Piranha Aluminum Pollen T-Press and press the hashish into convenient sized disks.

Bubble Magic 5 Gallon Mini Washing Machine

Bubble Magic 5 Gallon Mini Washing Machine

https://www.accesshydroponic.com bubble magic 5 gallon mini washing machine

5 Gallon All Mesh five Bubble Bag Kit

https://www.customhydroponic.com 5 Gallon All Mesh five Bubble Bag Kit

Large Piranha Aluminum Pollen T-Press

https://www.theothersidevapes.com large piranha aluminum pollen t-press
Hey there everybody, sorry for being absent for a bit. Its sometimes hard to get on when you dont have stuff to share lol. Good to see everyone else's grows are doing great!! I will be starting up again very soon. But in the mean time i have some soil making to do!!! I am going to make The Revs Master Soil 2.1 Mix. I have started a thread that i am going to use to document the making of the soil. The thread is here Outragedplutos TLO Master Soil mix .

Unfortunatly i did not take any pictures of my bud cured before i smoked it. WE had a dry spell around here and had to smoke it quicker than i wanted. She was very stinky with sweet hints of cherry. The taste was a sweet earthy skunk taste lol. The High was awesome. Had a very nice euphoric feeling but left you pretty numb.

Well i think that is all for this journal. I would like to thank everyone for following along and for all of the help. I will be moving soon so i will have my garden set up in the new place. I have learned a lot during this grow, like i need to re pot before going into flower to be sure she has enough food for the whole journey. Also learned the importance of layering the bottom with manure to get a super high nitrogen spot for that later part of flower.

You are all more than welcome to follow along in my new soil thread.
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